Lower back pain can truly be an inconvenience for anyone. Understanding lower back pain can help in prevention. It affects not only the elderly but many individuals across generations; even those who may appear healthy may suddenly feel this burning, painful sensation. There are many factors that cause lower back pain and many ways to treat this. In many cases, however, the condition is mistreated, especially by those who self-remedy or self-medicate. 

By understanding lower back pain it can help in it's prevention.

Most informed patients immediately seek help at a chiropractic office, but more common solutions often include rest and introducing over-the-counter remedies like heat packs or Tylenol. However, this will only temporarily relieve the pain and may cause it to return more intensely. You, too, may currently be experiencing lower back pain and have discovered that it returns from time to time. 

This article is here to help those who suffer from lower back pain like you. It can help you rule out the mistakes that most patients make to understand this pain yet ultimately fails to point out its true cause. It also hopes to help you function better as you move forward in life.

1. Relieving momentary pain and instantly going back to normal 

This is by far the most common mistake that you can make when you suffer from recurring or chronic back pain. Take note that back pain can often return, and in most cases, more intensely than the previous experience. This is because the way you may have treated the pain was wrong. 

For instance, if you are a gym rat and go back to deadlifting after relieving back pain, you may be tempted to lift the same weight you are used to. This poor judgment will inevitably lead to more intense lower back pain. 

Pulling certain back muscles can lead to chronic pain, especially when not treated at the root. Don’t overexert yourself or even consider doing the bare minimum of your routine if your back pain just keeps returning. Consult with your doctor or local chiropractor, especially if self-treatment is not cutting it.

2. Mistaking painful area as the area of injury

This mistake is related to the previous section because it’s all in the context of misunderstanding pain in the lower back as something easily determinable. You have to take note that your back is not only made of a structure of muscles and bones fit together. There are also nerves directly connected to the spinal cord, and these connections may be where the root cause of where your back pain comes from. 

Back pain that concerns the nerves is deeper and needs immediate medical attention. This is due to the more severe medical conditions that correlate to this kind of pain. The most common nerve-related condition is called a pinched nerve or a nerve that has been compressed due to intense exercise or a serious injury. Chronic pain requires orthopedic attention or exercise therapy to properly facilitate healing at the root.  

3. Resting or reducing movement on the back

As we have learned, lower back pain can be serious, and temporarily relieving the pain doesn’t necessarily mean the issue is cured. This is especially true when you also consider reducing movement, particularly to your lower back. 

This mistake has some serious drawbacks. It can lead to serious muscle performance in the buttocks and abdomen. This also translates to stiffness in the muscle itself that can prolong the condition. Thus, it is recommended that you rest and still move to relieve your lower back and keep your spine nice and supported. 

A combination of resting and movement is the most recommended treatment for acute back pain. This means not sitting for a long period of time but actually moving every 10 to 15 minutes. This allows your lower back to build elasticity in the muscle fibers to facilitate a healthy recovery. 

Remember, understanding back pain also means integrating healthy movement in the process.


Lower back pain can be a more complex issue and requires the correct treatment to address effectively. There are mistakes that patients suffering from lower back pain may encounter, and they can continue to worsen their condition if not methodically treated. 

Therefore, doing informed self-treatment with a combination of seeking the right medical attention is the more preferred option to avoid these common mistakes. Treat your lower back pain effectively and take the right road to recovery. 

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