South Charlotte Chiropractic clinic treats slipped disc for pain management and pinched nerves.


Many people misunderstand what a slipped disc is. Its name often results in people assuming that the condition involves a spinal disc physically slipping out of place. However, the injury is nothing like that.

Medical care professionals refer to slipped discs as Lumbar Disc Herniation. If you have never heard of the term, don’t worry. Here are a few things that you should know about disc injuries and how chiropractic care can help:

Definition of a disc

Our spinal cords are constructed of many bony blocks, also known as vertebrae. The spine is not a long rigid stick in our backs. It can bend and twist as we move. The reason why our spines are so flexible is because of the shock absorbers or discs. These discs are situated between each vertebra to hold a chain of them together. Without them, your spine would be incomplete.

The truth about a slipped disc

Although the term is called ‘slipped disc,’ there is no slipping in this case. Discs are strongly attached to the vertebrae and it is impossible for them to come out of place. The issues that may occur actually involve wearing, tearing, splitting, and herniating. If you encounter pain in your spine, you cannot always diagnose it as a disc injury. In fact, discs are even stronger than your vertebrae. When normal people with healthy spines get compression injuries, the damage is most likely due to a fracture of a vertebra. Nevertheless, this doesn’t mean that you cannot get disc injuries at all which may produce lower back pain.

Facts about a disc injury

The primary cause of disc injuries is posture and actions. People who repeatedly lift, bend, and twist their backs have a higher chance of causing damage to their discs. Office workers who sit for extended periods of time are also at an increased risk of suffering from disc injuries. When you fail to take care of your back, the fibers of your annulus can rip apart and cause leakage in the center of your discs. This type of damage is called disc herniations.

When you feel pain around your body parts, it is the result of an inflammatory reaction of leaking material. It could also be because of pressure being put on the spinal nerve that is located next to your discs. If the damage occurs in your lower back, you will suffer from leg pain or sciatica. If the discs in your neck are injured, you will feel pain in your arms.

Treatment of disc injury

You can assess the pain yourself and make a decision on how to get it treated. If the pain is unbearable, surgery might be on the table. If you are still able to go about your life, however, treatment won’t be as invasive. That being said, the disc damage is not going to heal by itself. It is best to contact a south Charlotte chiropractor and schedule treatment. Since slipped discs is a spine-related problem, no one is more suitable for the job than a chiropractor. They are experts in spinal manipulation. You can count on them to take away your pain with advanced chiropractic. Keep in mind that you might have to take multiple visits to the clinic to be treated by a Charlotte NC chiropractor. The duration of recovery will vary as it depends on the severity of your condition.

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