chiropractic care and back pain to provide relief for chronic back pain

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People experience different physical ailments. Whether you lead a healthy, sporty life or you sit behind a desk for most of the day, you are not totally exempt from getting body injuries. This is where chiropractic and back pain come into play. Although unfortunate and we don’t wish it on anyone, it’s simply the reality.

When you suffer from any physical injury or ailment, the natural course of action is to go to a specialist in order to get yourself checked and to ask for the right diagnosis. Now, that’s the thing. You need to acquire the right diagnosis and proper treatment to make sure that whatever has been making you sick can be controlled and be rid of. 

For physical pains, one of the most common treatment procedures recommended or prescribed by specialists is surgery. For conditions such as a torn ACL, surgery is indeed the best treatment. However, there are other conditions that are also usually treated with surgery that could have been treated through less invasive and non-surgical procedures. These conditions include back pain and spinal issues.

Read on as we take a look at the risks and implications of surgery when done to treat conditions that can actually be remedied by less invasive methods and how chiropractic and back pain go hand in hand.

Back Pain Doesn’t Always Require Surgery

Back pain can affect how you function daily. The pain can range from annoying to unbearable, which is why many would instantly heed the recommendation of surgeons to undergo surgery. However, back pain can actually be relieved through different methods that won’t require you to go under the knife.

An alternative way to solve back pain and spinal problems involve a holistic approach that utilizes a combination of physical therapy, massage, chiropractic, and other methods. For severe cases, surgery is often seen as the best treatment, but it may actually prove otherwise. In fact, at least 50 percent of back surgeries do not result in complete relief.

Golden State Warriors coach Steve Kerr is a testament of how back surgeries can fail. He even reminded people to “stay away from back surgeries.” This is because aside from failing to provide instant and total relief, surgeries may come with negative side effects. 

How a Surgery May Fail: The Risks of Surgical Back Pain Treatment

The failure of back surgery is often a result of the risks associated with it. These include the following:

  • Dangers from anesthesia use – Anesthesia is generally safe, especially when administered correctly. However, it does come with risks and those risks can lead to permanent disability or worse, death.
  • Surgical mistakes – Since surgeons are also humans, they are very subject to errors. A simple mistake during spinal surgery can lead to a life of pain and difficulty.
  • Dangerous infections – Apparently, the skin needs to be opened up to perform a surgery. This exposes the spine, making it prone to infections. 
  • Fatal blood clots – Depending on how one’s body responds to surgery, clots can form in the veins, extremities, and the lungs, which can lead to an embolism. 
  • Lasting pain – Many times, surgery cures the back and spine problem. However, there’s also a chance that it won’t be as successful as one hopes. Besides not solving the problem, a mistake in spine surgery can lead to a lifetime of suffering from pain.

In general, surgery is not always the best way to treat back or spinal problems. Before you decide to undergo such treatment, you should first look at other options.

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