How do you Submit Your DOT Medical Certificate to The North Carolina DMV?

This is one question that we are asked frequently; Now that I have my DOT medical certificate, how do I submit my DOT medical certificate to the North Carolina DMV? This question is asked by both NC CDL drivers and non CDL drivers in our Charlotte, NC DOT physical exam center. Our Charlotte chiropractor is a registered DOT medical examiner with the FMCSA. As a registered federal medical examiner, our chiropractic office will submit your medical exam and DOT medical certificate to the FMCSA for their records. The driver, is responsible for seeing that a copy of their DOT physical NC and DOT medical certificate are sent to and received by the DMV in North Carolina.

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So how do you submit your NC DOT Medical Card to the North Carolina DMV?

Well, here are the tips provided by both the FMCSA and the DMV of NC for submitting your NC DOT medical card to the DMV in Raleigh NC. Both the CDL driver and the non CDL driver have several options to choose from in submitting your DOT medical card. You have a choice of either via traditional mail, email, fax or you may deliver the NC DOT physical and health card to the DMV personally.

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You can mail your DOT medical certificate to the North Carolina DMV at the following address:
CDL Medical Certification Unit
3126 Mail Service Center
Raleigh, NC 27699-3126

You may also fax your NC DOT medical health card to 919-861-3915.

The DMV of NC also accepts submission of the NC medical card at

You may also hand deliver your DOT certificate to your local NCDMV office.

We have convenient hours and our convenient office provides DOT physical near you.

Please make sure that your DOT certificate is submitted promptly so there will be no action against you by the NCDMV with respect to either your cdl privileges, driving record. CDL holders may submit the cdl physical exams forms to the NC division of motor Vehicles in any North Carolina cities.

Remember, it is your responsibility to submit your NCDOT medical card to the NC DOT registration site listed above. We will take care of the Federal submission.

(If you are an out of State licensed commercial driver, you will need to submit your DOT medical certificate to the State that issued your driver’s license. Do not submit a South Carolina license information to the North Carolina DMV. This would need to be submitted to the South Carolina DMV.)

If you’re a commercial driver in North Carolina, it’s important to keep your medical certifications up to date. In order to do so, you’ll need to register your DOT medical card online with the DMV. This process is quick and easy, and can be completed in just a few simple steps.

Before you can register your dot medical card online, you’ll need to have your medical examiner’s certificate in hand. This certificate is issued by a licensed medical professional after a DMV physical exam near you. Once you have your certificate, you can easily register your dot medical card online through the North Carolina DMV website. Keeping your commercial driver’s license up to date is important, and ensuring that your medical certifications are current is a critical part of that process. By registering your dot medical card online, you can help to ensure that you remain in compliance with state and federal regulations when operating a commercial motor vehicle.

If you’re a commercial driver in North Carolina, it’s important to stay up to date on any changes to the DMV’s process for submitting your medical certificate. In addition to the recent change requiring electronic submission of medical certificates, the North Carolina DMV also offers several other online services that can save you time and hassle.

For example, you can update your address online through the DMV’s website, which can be particularly useful if you’ve recently moved or changed your mailing address. You can also renew your vehicle registration online, which can help you avoid long wait times at DMV offices.

If you’re a commercial driver in South Carolina, the South Carolina CDL help desk can provide assistance with any questions or concerns you may have about driving a commercial vehicle in the state. Additionally, if you need to find a medical examiner to perform your DMV medical evaluation, you can use the National Registry of Certified Medical Examiners website to locate a doctor near you.

Overall, staying informed about the DMV’s requirements and utilizing online services can help make the process of submitting your medical certificate and completing other DMV tasks easier and more efficient. By staying up to date on changes to the North Carolina DMV’s policies and procedures, you can ensure that you’re driving legally and safely on the state’s roads.

If you need an inexpensive DOT exam by a certified DOT medical examiner in Charlotte NC, you can call a chiropractic office near you at 704-541-7111, to obtain your medical examiners certificates for your commercial motor vehicles driving privileges.

You can also review out tips for passing your DOT physical exam by clicking on the link.

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