Stiff Neck Relief in Charlotte NC

stiff neck relief in Charlotte NC

The term “pain in the neck” may refer to people who don’t seem to learn from their mistakes. However, the term was coined because many people can relate to neck pain. Auto accident injuries, improper diet, and poor sleeping positions can cause chronic neck pain, not to mention anxiety and stress. This condition can also reduce movement and induce a negative mood. Stiffness signifies muscle strain in the neck area, leading to a pinched nerve and it can only worsen if left untreated. If you experience stiff neck regularly, it would be best to receive stiff neck relief in Charlotte NC through chiropractic care.

Chiropractic care

People often associate chiropractic care with lower back pain  and spine related pain treatments. However, the same treatment is also available for discomfort in the neck area. Since bones and muscles connect the two, a properly aligned neck leads to a better spinal column. Getting adequate support from a well-aligned spinal column allows the body to function better, reducing the chances of arm and leg pain.

Too much activity, however, can strain the back muscles and result in possible disc injury. An improperly aligned spinal column cannot provide ample support for the neck, which causes muscle stiffness and muscle spasm. With the help of a Charlotte chiropractor, they can help to release that tension and improves your physical well-being. Fortunately, several Charlotte chiropractic clinics are even open at night or during weekends to eliminate the need to make time from a hectic work schedule with convenient office hours.  Tebby Chiropractic and Sports Medicine Clinic is one such clinic for neck pain relief in Charlotte, NC.

Prevent a stiff neck

Lifestyle changes can help prevent the occurrences of a stiff neck. However, aside from improving your poor posture and doing away with bad habits, regular exercise will strengthen your muscles to lessen possible injuries. Quitting smoking can also prevent neck pain.

Likewise, an ergonomic workplace reduces muscle strain. Sitting at a computer desk for about eight hours each day can lead to tightness in the neck. You can prevent this by adjusting your chair’s height until you find a comfortable position with your feet flat while your knees are lower than your hips.

Keep your back straight and your arms parallel to the desk to reduce tension while working. Place your computer at eye level and use an ergonomic keyboard to provide comfort for your arms and wrists, so as not to develop carpal tunnel syndrome. That said, avoid sitting down for your entire shift as much as possible. Stand up and stretch every hour to provide relief for your bones and muscles. Walking for a few minutes will keep your blood flowing as well.

Car accident can also lead to pinched nerves, neck stiffness and produce extremely painful whiplash injury which left untreated can lead to chronic pain. It is always best to see an auto accident chiropractor at a chiropractic clinic in Charlotte for a treatment plan and wellness care.

Finally, spending a lot of time on your mobile phones puts a strain on your neck and can produce shoulder pain. Therefore, limiting your phone consumption or looking at the phone screen at eye level will prevent the need to overextend your neck.

Find a reliable chiropractor

You’ll feel loose after a session with a trusted chiropractor. If you’re looking to have your neck treated, Tebby Clinic will diagnose the resulting pain by measuring its severity. Their licensed professionals will provide treatment through physical therapy and exercises. They will treat neck pain, back pain, knee pain, and elbow pain.

As always, follow our chiropractic blog for the latest health tips. Our licensed massage therapists are available as a treatment option along with regular chiropractic care in our chiropractic clinic.

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