Sports Injuries and Athletes

Sports injuries and athletes are best treated by a Charlotte sports chiropractor near me

Football, basketball, hockey, lacrosse are some of the various sports that students in North Carolina play. Sports keeps high school students healthy and active and serves as a more wholesome alternative than playing video games. Students also learn how to be a team player. Unfortunately, these players are prone to sports injuries.

Nevertheless, pain and injuries come with the fun and camaraderie of sports games. These problems can also affect your child’s academics and future athletic performance. Thus, it is important to have a chiropractor attend to their musculoskeletal needs. Professional athletes such as Cristiano Ronaldo and Michael Jordan have a chiropractor as part of their entourage. The benefits that both professional and high school athletes can get from chiropractic are the following:

Faster recovery 

Physical contact sports such as basketball, hockey, karate, and football inevitably involve sports related injuries. Strains, bruises, and tears along the ligament can take anywhere between weeks to a year for a full recovery. During that period, your child would have no choice but to hold off from any sports activities. 

Various research has shown that chiropractic care can speed up recovery time by as much as a third in some types of pain and injuries. Chiropractic’s success lies in the fact that it addresses the root cause of injury-related pain by making manual adjustments on the spine. The spine is where all the nerves in the body are connected. Chiropractic adjustments ease the pressure on the spine, which in turn relieves the nerves of the injured area. Reduced pain eventually diminishes inflammation, and lets the body heal itself faster.

Recovery without surgery

Another advantage of chiropractic is that this treatment does not need surgery, needles, or drugs. Common types of pain related to sports strain and bruising would only require the wonderful hands of a chiropractor. However, some types of injuries, such as fractures would need surgical intervention. In these cases, the chiropractor would refer you to a surgeon. They can still help your child recover faster and deal with the pain after surgery.

A holistic approach to injury mitigation 

Although injuries can’t be avoided in the field, chiropractic can reduce its impact on your child’s body. A chiropractor uses a whole range of techniques such as spinal manipulation, adjustment of specific joints and muscles, laser therapy, and acupuncture to mitigate the effect of slips, falls, and sudden twists. When done routinely, preventive chiropractic care would help your child’s body heal faster. Your child’s body can also respond adequately to injurious forces that would otherwise have been severe without chiropractic.

Enhances performance

During games, the signals from your child’s brain towards specific body parts travel through the spine. By keeping your child’s spine well-aligned, chiropractic care ensures that your child would be agile, alert, and responsive. Your child’s posture would improve because of a well-aligned spine and good muscle tone. Improved reaction times, muscle tone, and posture would translate to better sports performance. Flexibility would also give them a better range of motion. Gymnasts and swimmers stand to benefit the most from the increased flexibility chiropractic can provide.


In most sports situations, surgery and drugs aren’t required. The strength of chiropractic lies in its ability to let the body take over the recovery effort, leading to less pain and earlier recovery. However, even if your child has to undergo surgery or take medication, chiropractic can still help your child heal faster so that they can go back to doing the things they love.

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