Common Sports Injuries: Why Do They Happen and How Are They Often Treated?

Sports injuries can happen to anyone who is physically active. Unfortunately, the injuries can happen at random and may cause excruciating pain. If you’re ever injured while participating in a sport you enjoy playing, you’ll need to seek immediate medical care to find out what is wrong and then receive treatment for the injury from a sports chiropractor near me.

What Types of Sports Injuries Commonly Occur?

Certain sports injuries are a bit more common than others. Those who participate in sports are more likely to suffer from sprained ankles and wrists than those who aren’t as physically active. Aside from sprains, athletes may end up with ACL tears causing major pain to the knee and epicondylitis, which is often referred to as tennis elbow.sports injuries

Sprains can happen when you’re running or even getting tackled out on the field. Shoulder pain is a big one from being tackled.  ACL tears often occur in football games because opponents are tackling one another and could end up hitting another opponent’s knee rather hard, thus causing the tear. On the other hand, tennis elbow often develops when a person is repeating the same movements for hours on end, which is something athletes often do when practicing and training. If you end up with one of these sports injuries, you may be dealing with a lot of pain and won’t be able to participate in any sports until you receive the proper treatment for your injuries.

Chiropractic Care For Sports Injuries

While different treatment options are often available for those dealing with sports-related injuries, chiropractic care is one of the best options because it requires a bit more of a natural approach to treating the pain by reducing the inflammation and encouraging the body to start healing itself through manual manipulation. When dealing with an ACL tear, the chiropractor may perform manual manipulation on the knee to improve an individual’s range of motion while allowing the healing process to begin.

sports chiropractor near meThe same thing goes for several other injuries. Manual manipulation may be performed on specific areas of the body that are injured. It’s important to always visit with a licensed and skilled sports chiropractor who can easily and gently perform these manipulations on you.

It’s normal for you to experience some discomfort during a chiropractic session. In fact, you might feel a bit uncomfortable for an additional one to two days after receiving treatment. Once the slight discomfort stops, you should physically start to feel a lot better.

Continued Rehabilitation Options

In addition to seeking chiropractic care for hands-on treatment that is natural and reduces the need for pain medication, it’s important for you to learn even more about your continued rehabilitation options. When you suffer from a serious sports injury, you’ll need to take a break from the activities you’d normally participate in. It doesn’t mean you can no longer enjoy the sports you love to play, but it does mean taking the time to rest areas of the body that were injured and giving those injuries time to heal before you start getting back to it.

If you’re dealing with a sports injury, you should continue to receive chiropractic care at least once a month. The chiropractor can make sure you’re not pushing the limits before fully healing from the injuries you’ve sustained. Aside from continuing to receive care, it’s important for you to start doing light exercises regularly to improve your range of motion, such as swimming in a pool, stretching, and doing yoga.

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