Do You Need to See a Doctor or Chiropractor After a Car Accident?

In short, the answer is YES.  You should always visit a physician or an auto accident chiropractor following an automobile accident, generally within in 3 days of the accident.

If you’re the victim in an accident brought on by somebody else’s recklessness, then you should most definitely find a chiropractor after an accident who treats people involved in car accidents after the collision. The best way to ask friends and family which car accident injury chiropractor they were treated by.


If you intend to pursue a personal injury claim against the careless driver, you’ll need a professional medical diagnosis and documentation of all of your injuries and treatment.

As well as helping your situation and receiving reimbursement from the insurance carrier, it’s critical to find a doctor for your health and well being because severe injuries can occur in automobile accidents such as neck pain, lower back pain or scar tissue.

What Sort of Injuries Can Be Sustained in Car Accidents?

There are a myriad of injuries that both drivers and passengers can sustain in a car accident. Because each accident is unique to itself, it is difficult to say what types of injuries you may sustain.

The amount of force created by the accident has an impact on the severity of the injuries people sustain; keep in mind that even minor accidents can produce injuries. It would be incorrect to correlate the type of injury sustained with the amount of property damage to the crash vehicle.

There are typically three variables that influence the injuries and harm brought on by a car accident.

These variables are:

  • The sorts of accident such as rear-end collisions, side impact or T-bone and single car impact.
  • The speed the vehicles were traveling at the time impact
  • Were the occupants belted in the vehicle; were they wearing a seat belt at the time of the car accident?

Even in the lowest common denominator (low speed collision, the occupants are wearing seat belts and your vehicle was stopped when it was struck in the rear), you can still be injured.

The most common type of injury in a motor vehicle accident is a whiplash injury. This occurs when an occupant of a vehicle is subjected to collision forces they were not expecting.

Regarding minor rear-end crashes, if the driver is not expecting to be hit and try and brace for the collision, the weakest part of his body will absorb the full force of the impact and this is typically the neck. The body is thrown forward, stopping and then thrown backwards.

Some other common injuries that occur in car crashes include:

(These common symptoms are examples of injuries treated following an auto accident.)women with whiplash after a car accident

How Soon After My Car Accident Do I Need To See A Doctor For My Injuries And Pain Symptoms?

Based on the state in which you live, and other issues surrounding your motor vehicle accident, this information may differ.

But we constantly tell our patients and some people hurt in a car wreck to find a physician no longer than 72 hours following the crash happened.

This gives you three days to schedule a consultation with an accident injury center chiropractor and proceed in for a free consultation.

If the accident wasn’t your fault and you don’t think you were hurt, it is still a good idea to be seen and examined as quickly as possible, as some injuries are not readily apparent.

The negligent driver’s insurance company will allow for a short time frame for you to present to a doctor in which to be evaluated and begin treatment for injuries related to the accident.

Unfortunately, after that window closes, it is extremely tough to get your medical bills paid, let alone receive any compensation for your injuries.

An insurance company typically takes the stance that if you didn’t see a physician within three days of the date of the accident you were not injured and therefore not eligible for a car accident settlement.

As a chiropractic accident clinic, we understand that injuries caused by car accidents may take days and even weeks to manifest themselves.

This is because of the release of adrenaline and other hormones after an automobile collision.

As a result of these physiological factors in response to an accident, it is quite natural that you do not feel any pain during this stressful period.

Unfortunately, this state is only temporary and once the adrenaline rush wears off, you be left suffering with pain from the injuries.

This is the exact reason why we emphasize that you seek immediate medical attention after a car accident, even if you do not think you were injured. It is very important to receive care after an auto accident to determine the extent of any auto accident injury.

As an example, what if someone was in an auto accident and suffered a whiplash injury, but was completely oblivious to it because of the adrenaline rush?

They should be able to get medical attention at the time when they first begin to feel the pain from the injuries they suffered.

The hard truth is, the insurance companies are not on the same page, and don’t see it that way.

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If you present to an injury chiropractors office longer than 72 hours after the accident, the insurance company will often deny the injury claim, refusing to pay the injured victims medical bills for treatment.

They will argue that the person is not and was not injured and are somehow faking the injury or hurt themselves during some other event, not related to the car crash.

They do not understand that injuries often take time to present themselves and simply put; they don’t care.

For this reason alone, it is imperative that you see a doctor within the first three (3) days of any auto accident, regardless of injury.

A car accident chiropractor will be able to examine you and determine if there are injuries that developed as a result of the car accident that need treatment.

Be proactive, know your rights and schedule an appointment for a consultation with an accident injury doctor to determine if you have been injured as the result of the negligence of someone else.

Is Chiropractic Care the Ideal Choice after A Car Accident and Why?

Many times the injuries that accident victims suffer are invisible to the naked eye. As an example, whiplash and injuries to the surrounding soft tissues are two such automobile related injuries.

This just so happens to be the area that chiropractors specialize in.

Now, if there is blood or broken bones, the first place you should present yourself for evaluation is the emergency room. However, for soft tissue injuries and musculoskeletal issues the chiropractor is the ideal option.

Chiropractors specialize in reducing pain symptoms naturally by readjusting the body to its proper and optimal functioning capacity, restoring the natural flow of energy.

They find the cause of your pain, soreness, and discomfort and treat it at the source.

Regular medical doctors have a propensity to prescribe dangerous pain drugs or recommend dangerous surgeries.

Typically, these are unnecessary and are only a simple and temporary quick fix.  They just mask injury symptoms and your pain as opposed to fixing the problems.

Chiropractic doctors believe in organic therapy methods that will help an injury to heal naturally.

They use a mixture of manual adjustment methods, instrument assisted adjustment methods, and unique treatments to help their patients recover.

Your physician will initially diagnose your condition, and then design a personalized treatment program that’s tailored to your unique injuries and needs.

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Contact A Chiropractor Near You Now!

I hope that you know the value of visiting a chiropractor for diagnosis and treatment immediately after an automobile accident.

It’s not only essential for your health and well being to be treated by an expert, but it’s also essential if you would like to have your medical bills paid alone with property damage, missed work, pain and suffering, and other damages.

Without evidence of your injuries and treatment professionally recorded by a chiropractor, the insurance provider will probably be unwilling to cooperate and pay you your deserved settlement.

A personal injury lawyer would be hesitant to take your case and represent you if you waited too long to find a chiropractic accident injury clinic after your wreck.

So, do the best thing for your health, and the best thing for your injury case.  Schedule a free consultation and protect your rights.

This is the best strategy for people involved in car accidents, through no fault of their own.

Tebby Chiropractic and Sports Medicine Clinic have over 35 years of experience helping victims of automobile crash injuries in Charlotte North Carolina.

Their experience helping victims of automobile negligence is like none other, and they can help you chart the personal injury waters.

Our physicians and staff need to help you protect yourself and your rights, so take advantage of our Free Injury Consultation with the chiropractor today.

Just call 704-541-7111 and schedule a time to come into our office that is right for you.

We always provide same day appointments and will work with your schedule to be certain you can find the care you need for your injuries. Seek chiropractic treatments and chiropractic adjustments to help with the healing process.

Trust the collision injury experts to design a treatment program for you and allow you to get the cash you deserve.

Call Now if you’ve been injured in a car accident and need to see an car accident injury chiropractor, or fill out the on line appointment form today to schedule an appointment!

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