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Know About A DOT Physical Exam in Concord NC!

What is a DOT Physical?

A DOT physical, also known as a DOT exam, is a type of health examination mandated by the Department of Transportation (DOT) to ensure that drivers of commercial motor vehicles are in optimal health to operate a vehicle safely. The main goal of the DOT exam is to determine the physical and mental fitness of a driver to carry out their responsibilities on the road, including essential health checks such as cardiovascular health, insulin-treated diabetes mellitus assessment, sleep apnea, and other medical conditions. This exam is crucial in promoting the safety of the driver and the public on highways.

Why the DOT Physical Matters

Driving a commercial vehicle, like those with a gross combination weight rating or a gross vehicle weight rating that meets certain criteria, involves many responsibilities. These vehicles are large, heavy, and often carry hazardous materials. The physical and mental demands of managing such a vehicle are significant, making it essential for drivers to be in good health. This is where a DOT physical comes into play.

The DOT physical exam includes a thorough check-up by a certified medical examiner from the National Registry of Certified Medical Examiners. This exam ensures that all commercial drivers meet the required health standards set by the federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA). Only those who meet these health standards are eligible to drive commercial vehicles.

Key Components of a DOT Physical in Concord, NC

DOT Physical Exam in Concord NCThe DOT physical requirements include a comprehensive evaluation of the driver’s health history and physical condition. The DOT physical includes several critical assessments:

  1. Medical History Review: This involves discussing your past and current health issues with the medical examiner, emphasizing the importance of a thorough evaluation of your health history as part of meeting the DOT physical requirements.
  2. Physical Examination: The physical exam checks various physical aspects such as your eyesight, hearing, blood pressure, and overall physical ability.
  3. Vision and Hearing Tests: Ensuring that drivers can see and hear adequately is crucial for safe driving.
  4. Blood Pressure and Pulse Rate: These are checked to detect any signs of high blood pressure or other heart conditions that might impair a driver’s ability to operate a commercial motor vehicle safely.

Health Conditions Scrutinized During a DOT Physical

Several health issues can affect a driver’s ability to safely control a commercial vehicle. These include, but are not limited to:

  • High Blood Pressure: Managing blood pressure is vital for a DOT physical. High blood pressure can lead to significant health risks, which can impair driving ability.
  • Sleep Apnea: This condition can cause sudden daytime fatigue, a dangerous situation for drivers. Drivers might be required to use a CPAP machine if they are diagnosed with sleep apnea.
  • Diabetes: Managing blood sugar levels is crucial. Uncontrolled diabetes can lead to complications that might impair a driver’s ability to operate a commercial vehicle.

DOT Physical Exam Process in Concord, NC

When you visit a licensed medical examiner for a DOT physical in Concord, NC, the process will typically follow these steps:

  1. Documentation: Bring your complete medical history, including any medications, and ensure you have the medical examination report form, a crucial document for evaluating health history and completing the commercial motor vehicle certification process.
  2. Examination: The physical examination will cover a series of tests to assess your overall health.
  3. Further Testing: If any issues are found, further testing may be required, such as blood tests or using a hearing aid if hearing issues are detected.


A DOT physical is not just a formality; it’s a crucial safety measure for anyone who drives a commercial vehicle. Whether you’re renewing your certification or applying for the first time, it’s important to be prepared and understand what the examination entails.

For those looking to schedule a DOT physical in Concord, NC, remember to contact the certified medical examiners at Tebby Chiropractic and Sports Medicine Clinic. With available appointments and a dedicated team, you can ensure you meet all DOT requirements efficiently and thoroughly. Call 704-541-7111 to book your spot, or visit us at our Pineville-Matthews Road location.

Navigating the Requirements for a Successful DOT Physical

Medical Examiner’s Role in DOT Physicals

The medical examiner plays a pivotal role in the DOT physical process. They are not just assessing your current health but also evaluating potential future risks associated with the physical and mental demands of driving a commercial vehicle. Certified medical examiners are trained to understand the high standards required by the DOT and ensure that every driver they certify can meet these standards.

Key Health Standards and Tests

During a DOT physical, the examiner will assess several key health standards:

  • Vision and Hearing: You must have at least 20/40 acuity in each eye with or without correction and the ability to hear a forced whisper from a distance of 5 feet or less.
  • Blood Pressure Measurements: Your blood pressure needs to be under control, typically below 140/90 mm Hg, to pass the physical. Those with higher readings may still qualify but might have more frequent reviews.
  • Urinalysis: This test checks for signs of underlying health conditions like diabetes or kidney issues that could impair driving ability.
  • Physical Examination: The examiner will review several systems within the body including neurological, cardiovascular, and musculoskeletal to ensure no conditions exist that would impair safe driving.

Understanding the DOT Medical Card

Upon passing the DOT physical, drivers receive a medical examiner’s certificate, commonly referred to as a DOT medical card. This card is typically valid for up to two years, unless a medical condition requires more frequent monitoring. It’s crucial to carry this card while driving as proof of your physical qualification to operate a commercial vehicle.

DOT Physical Exams for Various Commercial Drivers

Whether you operate a commercial motor vehicle for interstate commerce or handle hazardous materials, the DOT physical is an unavoidable requirement. The specifics of the exam can vary slightly depending on the type of driving and the physical demands associated with your specific driving responsibilities. For example, drivers who operate vehicles with a gross combination weight or those carrying hazardous materials might face more stringent scrutiny during their physical exams due to the increased risk associated with their roles.

DOT Physicals in Concord, NC: Local Services

In Concord, NC, commercial drivers can rely on local healthcare providers like Tebby Chiropractic and Sports Medicine Clinic for their DOT physical needs. Our certified medical examiners are skilled in conducting thorough examinations that comply with all DOT regulations. Remember, scheduling your DOT physical in advance is recommended to ensure that you remain compliant with DOT regulations and to avoid any lapse in your certification.

Act Now!

For drivers in and around Concord, NC looking for a trusted and efficient DOT physical examination, look no further than Tebby Chiropractic and Sports Medicine Clinic. Ensure your ability to safely operate a commercial vehicle by scheduling your DOT physical today. Call us at 704-541-7111, or visit our clinic at 8415 Pineville-Matthews Road, Charlotte, NC. Our team is ready Monday through Friday from 9 AM to 5 PM, and on Saturday from 9 AM to 12 noon. The cost is $70.00, which includes the necessary urinalysis and a laminated medical card upon successful completion.

In the next section, we’ll delve deeper into the specifics of the medical history and physical exam components of the DOT physical, explaining why each is crucial for maintaining roadway safety and driver health.

In-Depth Look at the Medical History and Physical Exam for DOT Physicals

Importance of Medical History in DOT Physicals

A thorough review of a driver’s medical history is a cornerstone of the DOT physical exam. This step is essential because it helps the medical examiner understand any past or present health issues that could impact the driver’s ability to safely operate a commercial motor vehicle. Medical history includes chronic illnesses, past surgeries, current medications, and any ongoing treatment for conditions such as diabetes, high blood pressure, or heart disease.

Detailed Physical Examination

Following the review of the medical history, the physical examination is conducted to assess the driver’s current health status. Here’s what typically happens during this part of the DOT physical:

  • Neurological Evaluation: This checks reflexes, coordination, and balance.
  • Musculoskeletal Assessment: Examining the musculoskeletal system ensures the driver can meet the physical demands of operating a commercial vehicle, like sitting for long periods or loading and unloading cargo.
  • Cardiovascular Screening: Heart health is crucial, so examiners look for signs of heart disease or other cardiovascular conditions.
  • Respiratory Assessment: Because conditions like sleep apnea can severely impact a driver’s alertness, respiratory system evaluation is vital.

Each of these tests plays a key role in ensuring that drivers are not only medically fit at the time of the exam but are also likely to remain fit until their next required DOT physical.

Chronic Conditions and DOT Physicals

Drivers with chronic conditions such as high blood pressure or sleep apnea can still qualify for a DOT medical card, provided they manage these conditions effectively. For instance, individuals with high blood pressure may be granted a medical certificate for a shorter period, requiring them to manage their condition and retest more frequently. Similarly, those using CPAP machines for sleep apnea need to demonstrate regular use and effectiveness of the treatment.

DOT Physical: More Than Just a Check-Up

It’s important to remember that a DOT physical is not just a routine health check-up; it’s a specialized examination designed to ensure that every commercial driver is medically and physically capable of meeting the high demands of their job. This is not only for the safety of the driver but also for the safety of everyone on the road.

Local Services for DOT Physicals in Concord, NC

At Tebby Chiropractic and Sports Medicine Clinic in Concord, NC, our certified medical examiners are committed to providing comprehensive and efficient DOT physicals. With a detailed understanding of DOT regulations and a thorough approach to each exam, we help ensure that drivers are fully prepared and qualified for their roles on the road.

Concord NC Drivers Call About Your DOT Physical Exam!

Don’t wait until the last minute to schedule your DOT physical. Stay ahead of DOT requirements and ensure uninterrupted employment and safety on the road. Contact Tebby Chiropractic and Sports Medicine Clinic at 704-541-7111 to book your appointment. Our team is dedicated to providing you with a thorough examination, making the process as straightforward and stress-free as possible. Visit us at 8415 Pineville-Matthews Road, Charlotte, NC to meet your DOT physical needs efficiently and reliably.

In the next section, we will explore the regulations surrounding DOT physicals, including how often they need to be renewed and the implications of not maintaining a current DOT medical card.

Understanding DOT Physical Regulations and Renewal Requirements

DOT Physical exam for truck drivers in Concord NCFrequency of DOT Physicals and Renewal Protocols

The standard validity of a DOT medical card is up to two years, but this can vary based on individual health conditions. Drivers with certain medical issues, such as high blood pressure or cardiovascular problems, may need to undergo DOT physicals more frequently — sometimes annually or even every six months. This ensures that their conditions are being managed effectively and do not pose a risk while driving.

Regulatory Oversight by the Department of Transportation

The Department of Transportation (DOT) sets strict guidelines for DOT physicals to promote the safety of roads and highways. These guidelines are enforced through the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA), which requires all commercial drivers to possess a valid medical examiner’s certificate to operate commercial motor vehicles legally.

What Happens if You Don’t Renew Your DOT Medical Card?

Failing to renew a DOT medical card can have serious consequences for commercial drivers. If a medical card expires, the driver is no longer legally permitted to operate a commercial vehicle, which can lead to employment interruptions and legal penalties. It’s crucial for drivers to keep track of their renewal dates and schedule physicals well in advance to avoid any gaps in certification.

The Role of Certified Medical Examiners

Only certified medical examiners listed on the National Registry of Certified Medical Examiners are authorized to perform DOT physicals. These examiners undergo specific training and testing to understand the DOT regulations fully and to ensure that all physical examinations are conducted according to federal standards.

Local Impact and Services in Concord, NC

In Concord, NC, and the surrounding areas, commercial drivers can access DOT physicals at certified locations such as Tebby Chiropractic and Sports Medicine Clinic. Our certified medical examiners are knowledgeable about the latest DOT regulations and are equipped to provide comprehensive evaluations that meet all necessary requirements.

Ensuring Compliance and Safety

To maintain compliance with DOT regulations and to ensure your safety as well as the safety of others on the road, it is imperative to undergo regular DOT physicals. These exams not only assess your current health status but also help predict potential health issues that could impair your driving ability in the future.

DOT Physical Exam For Both CDL and Non-CDL Concord NC Truck Drivers

At Tebby Chiropractic and Sports Medicine Clinic, we understand the importance of keeping our commercial drivers healthy and compliant with DOT regulations. We offer convenient and thorough DOT physical exams at our clinic in Concord, NC. To ensure you stay on the road and out of trouble, schedule your next DOT physical by calling 704-541-7111 or visiting us at 8415 Pineville-Matthews Road, Charlotte, NC. Our team is here to support you Monday through Friday from 9 AM to 5 PM, and Saturday from 9 AM to 12 noon.

In the next section, we will answer frequently asked questions about DOT physicals in North Carolina, providing valuable insights into costs, requirements, and procedures to help drivers navigate these essential health evaluations efficiently.

Frequently Asked Questions About DOT Physicals in North Carolina

How much does a NC DOT physical cost?

The cost of a DOT physical in North Carolina can vary depending on the clinic and any additional tests that may be required. At Tebby Chiropractic and Sports Medicine Clinic, the price is $70.00, which includes the required urinalysis and a laminated medical card for your wallet upon successful completion.

What does a NC DOT physical consist of?

A DOT physical in North Carolina includes a comprehensive review of your medical history, a thorough physical examination, vision and hearing tests, a blood pressure check, and a urinalysis. The examination aims to assess your overall physical health and ability to safely operate a commercial vehicle.

How do I submit a DOT physical in NC?

After completing your DOT physical, the medical examiner will provide you with a Medical Examiner’s Certificate. You must submit this certificate to the North Carolina Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV). This can typically be done in person at a DMV office, or in some cases, you might be able to submit it online or via mail, depending on the county.

How long do you have after your DOT medical card expires in NC?

In North Carolina, once your DOT medical card expires, you have a grace period to renew it. However, you are not legally allowed to operate a commercial vehicle without a valid medical card. It’s highly recommended to renew your medical card well before the expiration date to avoid any lapse in certification.

What is required for a DOT physical in North Carolina?

To undergo a DOT physical in North Carolina, you will need to bring identification, your current medical card (if applicable), and any eyeglasses, contact lenses, or hearing aids that you regularly use. You should also provide a list of all medications you are taking, including dosages and the names of the prescribing doctors, as well as any relevant medical records.

How much does a DOT physical cost in NC?

As mentioned earlier, the cost of a DOT physical at Tebby Chiropractic and Sports Medicine Clinic in North Carolina is $70.00. This fee includes all necessary tests and the issuance of the DOT medical card.

How do you pass a DOT physical with high blood sugar?

To pass a DOT physical with high blood sugar, it is essential to manage your diabetes effectively. You will need to demonstrate controlled blood sugar levels through medication or diet, as evidenced by medical records and possibly a letter from your primary healthcare provider. Regular monitoring and good management of your condition can help you meet the DOT standards for certification.


DOT physicals are a crucial part of ensuring the safety of commercial drivers and the public. Understanding the requirements and preparing adequately can help simplify the process and ensure that you meet all necessary health standards. At Tebby Chiropractic and Sports Medicine Clinic, we’re committed to helping commercial drivers in North Carolina meet these requirements with ease and confidence.

For more information or to schedule a DOT physical, call us at 704-541-7111 or visit our location at 8415 Pineville-Matthews Road, Charlotte, NC. Our team is here to assist you Monday through Friday from 9 AM to 5 PM, and Saturday from 9 AM to 12 noon.

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