A concussion is considered a mild brain injury (mild TBI) that occurs after a blow to the head. In fact, a post concussive syndromeconcussion can also occur due to a violent shaking and movement of the head and body of the individual. The patient doesn’t have to lose his/her consciousness due to a concussion. Headaches and dizziness are the main symptoms of the condition – which can last for weeks or even months after the injury that resulted in the concussion. In most cases, the symptoms will appear within the first seven to ten days of the injury and vanish within three months time. There are times when the symptoms can persist for a year or more. That is why it is important to treat the condition without delay. This article provides information on the effectiveness of chiropractic care for post concussion syndrome.

Post-concussion headaches can vary in their nature. In fact, they can feel like migraines or tension-type headaches. There are many other symptoms associated with this condition. Some of them include:

. Fatigue

. Dizziness

. Headaches

. Cognitive functioning

. Insomnia

.Emotional symptoms

. Anxiety

. Memory loss

. Psychological factors

. Irritability

. Ringing in the ears

. Noise sensitivity

. Fatigue irritability

. Sensitivity to light

. Blurry vision

. Loss of memory and concentration

. Decreases in smell and taste

. Sleep disorders

auto accident chiropractorMost of the time, post-concussion syndrome symptoms are caused due to the structural damages to the brain of the patient. These head trauma issues can be due to car accidents (injury post-concussion) or sports related injuries, the latter being sports concussions. The condition can also occur due to the disruption of the messaging system within the nerves – which is caused due to the impact of the concussion, these may be mild to moderate and in some cases become chronic pain. In case you experience a head injury that is severe enough to cause a concussion, you should immediately see a qualified doctor. If the concussion occurs while you are involved in a sport, you shouldn’t go back to playing the sport. In fact, you should immediately see a doctor to prevent the condition from worsening.

A qualified and experienced chiropractor is well-suited to treat a post-concussion syndrome condition. A Doctor of Chiropractic (DC) will evaluate, diagnose, and manage your concussion quite effectively. Since the condition affects the skull or the upper cervical spine area, your chiropractor will use a precise X-ray analysis of the cervical vertebrae and occiput as well as work to reduce misalignments in this specific area. The chiropractor may co-treat the patient with a medical doctor to provide additional medical care  in the form of medication and use magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) or computed tomography (CT scan) to evaluate, being mindful of chronic traumatic encephalopathy. In fact, a Doctor of Chiropractic will specialize in correcting vertebral misalignments (subluxations) of the top bone in the spine area of the affected patient. This is only one of the many approaches that a chiropractor could take in order to manage concussion patients.

Chiropractic adjustments tend to work quite effectively with patients who are suffering from headaches from car accidentpost-concussion syndrome. In fact, it is really encouraging to know that help isn’t too far away. There are many studies that show the effectiveness of chiropractic care in treating a post-concussive syndrome. That is why you need to contact your local chiropractor immediately if you or a loved one has suffered a concussion.

Post-concussive syndrome and concussion symptoms occur due to a mild brain injury after a blow to the head, which may be considered a mild head injury or minor head trauma. It is important that after that after the injury, the patient is evaluated by medical professionals and treatment of post-concussion symptoms begins promptly to stop persisting symptoms.  This article provides information on the effectiveness of chiropractic care for post-concussion syndrome.

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