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Radiating Nerve Pain In Neck Or Legs From A Pinched Nerve

Radiating nerve pain is a troubling and frustrating condition with a diverse set of symptoms, whether it is causing pain in arms or pain in the legs.radiating nerve pain pain from a car accident or automobile accident

Tebby Chiropractic and Sports Medicine Clinic has earned a reputation for delivering world-class treatments, professional chiropractic care, for patients suffering from pinched nerves. With years of expertise, our clinic is the an ideal option for patients with nerve pain in arm(s) or legs.

What Is  A Pinched Nerve?

The nervous system is connected to everything in the human body from controlling your muscles to regulating breathing.

These nerves include:

* Autonomic Nerves

* Sensory Nerves

* Motor Nerves

pinched nerves producing pain in the arms and legs with numbness and tinglingAutonomic nerves help control a variety of involuntary activities including a person’s heart rate, digestion, blood pressure, and temperature regulation. While motor nerves are aimed to assist with movements and actions via the spinal cord. In addition, sensory nerves are able to relay information from your muscles and skin back to the brain. One of these “sensations” would be the arm pain, or pain in the hand and wrist (carpal tunnel syndrome), numbness tingling in the extremities which  can be from herniated discs or cervical neck pain (pinched nerve in neck) and even upper back pain,  leg pain such as “sciatica” (pinched nerve in leg) resulting from lower back pain

Pinched nerve symptoms in arm or pinched nerve symptoms in leg can vary depending on the patient.

Our Charlotte chiropractors will assess the underlying issues, symptoms, and pinpoint a detailed cause for why you are having pain. This can include assessing the type of nerves that have been affected. Common causes of impingement can take place in multiple spots between the brain, spinal cord, shoulder arm (shoulder elbow) and elbows wrists . These impingements can result in issues as diverse as shoulder pain, elbow pain, wrist pain or hand pain in the upper extremities. In the lower extremities you can have issues with hip pain and knee pain or leg pain. Therefore, it’s important to appreciate the intricacy of this diagnosis process and what it entails. Having a seasoned Charlotte chiropractor review your case is important when you seek treatment.pinched nerves in the lower back producing low back pain

With arm pain, a patient may also showcase symptoms such as lightheadedness, sweating, chest pain, dry eyes, sexual dysfunction, and constipation. Some patients may only showcase arm pain, or arm and hand issues in the upper extremity while others will have a combination of symptoms in wrists and hands.

Treating Symptoms

The underlying cause has to be treated with control, patience, and attention to detail. So whether the underlying cause is a degenerative disc, chronic neck pain, old sports injuries, carpal tunnel syndrome or an auto accident injury our chiropractic center and it’s Charlotte NC  chiropractors will review your case history and make a recommendation for treatment plan to alleviate your pain.

In some cases, the patient will be treated with a short and long-term plan to alleviate underlying symptoms. However, this can only be done after the root cause is determined. If the condition is progressive such as disc herniations, it’s best to have the pain treatments plan in motion as soon as possible to reduce inflammation and progression and provide exceptional pain relief.

At our chiropractic treatment center, the first step is to set up a treatment plan for pain management and focus on the cause of your pinched nerve.

pinched nerve in leg producing radiating pain into the leg; sciatica.

This can be done by assessing the type of pain, how progressive the condition is, and other relevant details such as pain medications, nutritional deficiencies, and previous therapeutic treatments which you may have received in Charlotte North Carolina .

To treat some of the initial symptoms, the chiropractor will review the records from your referring physicians and look at simpler solutions such as therapeutic procedures to relax the pressure causing the pinched nerve and its associated radiating pain. This can help set the foundation for a long-term treatment plan based on the patient’s needs and ensure healthy living ,  healthy lifestyle and your health and wellness. You can always consult our You Tube channel or consult our video library found on our website.

Chiropractic Care

Tebby Chiropractic and Sports Medicine Clinic provides a wonderful collection of treatment options to manage nerve pain and pinched nerves. These strategies include comprehensive, personalized solutions in line with the patient’s age, medical history, and type of radiating pain. This may include everything from chiropractic manipulation, massage therapy, trigger point therapy, functional medicine and exercise rehabilitation with specific exercises to prevent poor posture (which can result in chronic pain issues).

pinched nerves in the neck producing pain into the shoulder and radiating arm painWith pain in arms or legs, it’s important to seek a detailed treatment plan based on modern medicinal research from your Charlotte NC pain doctor or Charlotte chiropractor. This clinic is reputable, trusted, and delivers wholesome treatment solution to all of its patients. The initial diagnosis is all-encompassing and helps lay the foundation for a long-term solution.

For more information on advanced chiropractic care at this pain clinic, please feel free to book an initial consultation by calling 704-541-7111 or use our patient portal and request an appointment on our website and we will be happy to email you our patient paperwork and patient forms prior to your visit. Please remember that if you have been involved in a car accident, we will be happy to bill the responsible party. We are conveniently located in South Charlotte and are close to Mint Hill, Monroe, Indian Trail, Matthews and Ballantyne via I-485. Heck, if you are in downtown Charlotte, you could even take  Randolph Rd to reach our South Charlotte chiropractic clinic to help ensure your chiropractic fitness.

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