Massage Therapy in Charlotte North Carolina

Advantage of Medical Massage Therapy

Medical massage therapy is a wonderful adjunct with chiropractic care.

Massage therapy in Charlotte North Carolina isn’t a treatment but an aid to a healthy lifestyle. Forms of massage are facets of medicine that helps improve pain and improves mobility and is a great compliment to chiropractic treatment. Here are some of the conditions that respond well to medical massage therapy:

massage therapy

Massage and bodywork therapy are advantageous for most everyone and not only for patients who have injury-related pain. Every day you put tremendous pressure on your body and mind and in this way injure your body. You do feel pain, but it is gone after taking a good night sleep. The body comes to a standstill position during rest; the blood flow increases and the clogged veins and muscles open. You feel similar relief after clinical massage by a licensed massage and bodywork therapist.

Massage therapy in Charlotte North Carolina demonstrates the benefits of massage in healthy people:

Stress relief: Key to achieving a healthy lifestyle is relieving stress as stress is the biggest threat to a healthy life. Massage therapy practices with gentle hands can remove stress from body just like an eraser removes pencil marks from a paper.

Our licensed medical massage therapists are trained various types of massage , including but not limited to: therapeutic massage, deep tissue, clinical massage, sports therapy, deep tissue massage, Swedish massage, neuromuscular massage therapy,  pregnancy massage hot stone, sports massages , prenatal massage, myofascial release, hot stone massage, geriatric massage and clinical massage. The only massage technique not offered in our clinic is Thai massage but do check back as out therapists are always adding to the skill sets.  (For additional information on the benefits of body massage please see our blog archive here.

Charlotte massage therapy can provide pain relief.  Relaxation massage within our wellness centers can promote healing and reduce stress and is excellent in pain management. We are conveniently located in South Charlotte and you may request an appointment by filling out the intake forms on this page or you may book an appointment by calling our office at 704-541-7111 and get “the healing touch Charlotte” in our massage center.

Give us a call and book your Charlotte massage in our massage spa as we do not offer mobile massage, nor do we offer couples massage. Our licensed massage therapists offer professional massage.  If you are not ready for a massage, gift cards are available. Professional massage is also considered essential therapy and may be covered by insurance with a simple co-pay. You can also join our massage club and receive a discount on multiple massage sessions.

Here are some additional benefits of the massage techniques and elements of bodywork.

Improves blood circulation:

Massage has a direct effect on blood circulation in veins. Squeezed veins are relieved of pressure by massage and in the blood flows smoothly through the body. Every cell receives oxidized blood and the patient feels relaxed.

Relaxes muscles:

Muscular pain is relieved by massage with gentle hands and mild pressure, relaxing soft tissues and relieving pressure on the nervous systems. Manual massage therapy reduces swelling and pain in the long run and lightweight exercises improve mobility.

Strengthens immune system:

Regular massage and physical therapy improves muscular power and builds energy level. In the long run, the neuromuscular therapy helps to improve the immune system.

Rehabilitation post-surgery:

Massage is quite helpful in quick recovery post-surgical treatment. Patients are given care with gentle massage that keeps them in relaxing position so that they can recover faster.

Massage in Charlotte NC

 is the best treatment available for stress and mobility-related issues. If you get regular massage therapy, problems such as decreased mobility or age-related stiffness you will never face problems like decreased mobility, or any other issue related to aging. It is an ideal therapy for everyone and is available at our clinic close to you.


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