Lower Back Pains in Charlotte NC

Lower back pains are a common condition among most people. However, it is imperative to understand that this recurring problem is not a diagnosis but a symptom of a particular health condition. Because of this, it is crucial that you visit medical experts in this field.

The purpose of the visit is to learn the roots of your back pain or chronic pain and find pain relief. You will undergo tests and exams to help determine the underlying reason for your back pain. Once the real issue is uncovered, only then can that problem be treated. In turn, your back pain will also be addressed.

Lower back pains can be caused as a result of spinal stenosis, cauda equina syndrome or ankylosing spondylitis.

Below is a discussion of the various types of lower back pains and their usual causes.


Strain or sprain

When a particular muscle or ligament in your back gets a sprain, you might feel a certain degree of low back pain. This may be painful and uncomfortable, but if you can hold on a little bit, you will notice that the spine’s natural curve, you will eventually experience discomfort and back pain over time. The spine is designed to carry your weight without pain will disappear in a matter of weeks. Lower back pain that doesn’t last long or is not recurring is considered acute low back pain. There is no need to look deeper into the cause because an acute low back pain may not last for a long time.

Lower back pains can also be caused as a result of trauma from a car accident or from a sports injury. Tebby Chiropractic and Sports Medicine Clinic is a Charlotte NC chiropractor  who treats both auto injury and sports injuries.

Injuries to the lumbar spine are common in sports and result in lowered sports performance. Chiropractic treatment for most injuries should be initiated shortly after the occurrence in a Charlotte pain center. Unfortunately, injuries left untreated could progress to produce leg pain, numbness or tingling, a sign of a more serious issue.

When it comes to sprains or strain from an auto accident, it is best to meet the doctor as soon as possible to begin pain treatment in a clinic in Charlotte NC.  The doctor will evaluate your pain and initiate a treatment plan to best treat your pain.

Genetics Can Play A Big Role

When your low back pains keeps recurring for over a month, only then is it considered as chronic lower back pain. This condition usually lasts for three months. Though it is not easy to determine the real cause of chronic low back pain, genetics is typically the suspect and be be seen as premature degenerative disc disease. This can also lead to a weakened spinal segment making a herniated disc more probable. When the intervertebral disc becomes compromised, muscle spasms and trigger points develop in the lower spine. There are various tests that you will have to undergo, including CT scan, MRI, and other specialized tests to determine the real cause. Chronic back pain won’t lead to paralysis, and you can still go to work even with this condition.

Lifestyle Changes

One of the best ways to prevent low back pain is to have a lifestyle change. A healthier lifestyle will always give you an optimal body. “Do your daily exercise” may be a cliché health recommendation, but it is very accurate and useful. If you have a positive lifestyle, your back will be flexible, helping you avoid possible low back pain. Eating the right food and getting enough sleep are also simple health practices that will help make sure that your back stays at its top condition.

Lifestyle changes can also have an effect on shoulder pain by changing your sleeping position. It can affect your upper back pain by adjusting your seated position at a desk and can help with low pain and sciatica. Chiropractic is a natural alternative should lifestyle changes not be enough as a remedy for health solutions.

Physical activities can also have an impact on various risk factors for  causing low back pain . Underlying cause of lower back pain can include chronic conditions which may be aggravated by lifting heavy items.

Pre-existing conditions may also cause severe pain such as spinal stenosis, kidney stones,  ankylosing spondylitis even heart disease. As with all these issues, there are generally warning signs prior to acute back pain.

Psychological Health

A positive lifestyle for a healthier back includes keeping your psychological well-being at its best condition. If you have any depression and anxiety tendencies, it would be best to visit a health expert or your health care clinician.

Health Care Professional

If your low back pain persists for six weeks, it is best to consult your health care clinician. You can also choose to approach back specialists. There are other reasons you should visit a professional. If you can’t tolerate the level of back pain, it is best that you see an expert instead. Leg numbness, bladder problems and bowel difficulty are also severe low back pain symptoms that should make you go see a back health expert immediately.


Your back health expert may treat your low back pain through massage therapy, pain medications, chiropractic care, manipulative therapies, physical therapy, surgery, acupuncture, or injections of particular medications. Newer pain treatment includes spinal decompression, cold laser therapy and stem cell therapy. These are treatments you should welcome with open arms to finally get rid of your condition.

Find a reliable Charlotte chiropractor

You’ll feel loose after a session with a trusted chiropractor. If you’re looking to have your back treated, Tebby Clinic will diagnose the resulting pain by measuring its severity and provide pain treatment in Charlotte. Their licensed professionals will provide treatment through medically reviewed physical therapy and exercises. They will treat neck pain, mid back pain, chronic back pains, knee pain, and elbow pain, as well as the activities that  cause lower back pain.

As always, follow our chiropractic blog for the latest health tips. Our licensed massage therapists are available as a treatment option along with regular chiropractic care in our  Charlotte chiropractic clinic. As always, you can follow our YouTube channel with the link below to view our exercise videos.

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