Insurance Explained

Traditional Insurance:

This is either an HMO, PPO or Indemnity Plan where the patient pays a co-pay, a percent of the office charge, a deductible, or a combination. These must be paid at the time services are rendered in order for the insurance plan to pick up the difference. Charlotte Chiropractor and the doctors of Tebby Chiropractic and Sports Medicine are preferred providers with most, if not all insurance plans.

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Our office will be happy to check your insurance and explain your Chiropractic benefits.

Automobile Insurance:

In North Carolina, we have two types of automobile insurance; liability and Med Pay. There is another form of insurance referred to as PIP insurance. This is insurance that is prevalent in other states such as Florida and Colorado.

Liability Insurance:

is the insurance available to pay for injuries sustained in an automobile accident that was not your fault. (This is the insurance that is on the other vehicle.)

Med Pay

is the insurance on your vehicle which will pay for injuries, up to a certain amount, when you are involved in an accident. Making a claim on this does not cause your insurance rates to increase. Some policies have this, others do not, please check to see if your policy has Med Pay coverage. (This is the insurance on your vehicle.)

Under Insured / Uninsured Insurance

is insurance on your vehicle which will pay for your medical bills should the at fault vehicle either have no insurance or not enough.

Worker’s Compensation

Worker’s Compensation is accepted by the Clinic. Please call the clinic for details at (704) 541-7111.

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We are a provider for Medicare but we do not accept assignment. The patient is responsible for the charges and pays at the time of service. The only item that Medicare will reimburse for in Chiropractic offices is manipulation. All other services: exam, x-rays, therapies are the patients responsibility to pay at the time of service. The patient is reimbursed by Medicare for the covered charges (manipulation being the only cover service).


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