How to Fix Poor Posture

Have you ever been annoyed by your parents shouting at you to sit up straight? Good posture isn’t purely for aesthetics. Posture talks about your body’s positioning and alignment concerning gravity.

Whether you’re standing, sitting, or lying down, gravity pulls your body down, adding pressure to your joints and muscles. Your posture will determine how this force is distributed throughout your body. If your posture is weak, you aren’t evenly distributing that force, which can lead to to fix poor posture

Think of it as if you’re planning to build a tower. With years of effort put into architecture and design, the foundations will be strong, thus allowing the tower to stand tall for many years to come. With a weak foundation, the tower is always at risk of crumbling down, and this applies to your body. Proper posture is vital to your body’s health.

Poor Posture

What is poor posture? Bad postural positioning is a condition when a muscle or muscle group becomes too small, causing your body to be tight. This will lead to other muscles lengthening to address the tightening. Does it sound confusing? Here’s an example. If you have a condition called forward head posture, your neck will be the first to suffer. In this position you have more stress placed on the neck muscles because of the head forward position, losing the the natural curve of the neck. Sometimes this position is called “text neck“, with the head leaning forward. Soon after, your chest, back, and arms are going to suffer as well!

Causes of Poor Posture

A multitude of reasons can cause poor posture. Unfortunately, for some, this posture issue can be a result of bone loss or arthritis. For many others, lifestyle and daily activities are contributors to their posture.

Here are some things that can cause poor posture: slouching, looking down a lot, lousy posture while sitting and working on a desktop computer for a long time, and poor workplace ergonomics. It can also be caused by inadequate sleep supports, lack of exercise, weak core muscles, obesity, and poor self-esteem. To touch on poor-self esteem, people who have this usually bend down much to avoid being noticed, developing round shoulders, harming their bodies with poor posture.

As you can see, despite diseases being able to cause poor posture, there are somethings that you can control.

Improving Posture

The best way to fix and improve posture is by doing exercises to strengthen your core strength and keeping your weight in check. This way, your body can move throughout the day as intended. If you have to work in front of a computer for long periods, make sure you have great office chairs and you are sitting properly with your feet flat on the floor and your ears in line with your shoulders. If you feel that you cannot sleep in a natural position, check if your pillows and mattress have enough support because this can go a long way to reduce back pain and chronic pain. (Sleeping on your stomach is never a good idea). If not, it is time to replace them!

When you go through your daily routines, do a posture check once in a while to ensure you have good standing posture. Make sure that you aren’t slouching, and correct your posture right away if you are doing so. If you get into the habit of correcting your standing posture, you will find that maintaining good posture will get easier. You can also fix bad posture if you strengthen your glutes and hip flexors, reminding yourself standing up straight, sitting properly and looking straight ahead can all help.

Chiropractic Treatment

Of all the visits to a chiropractor, 50 percent of the time the visits are posture-related. Depending on how old you are and how long you’ve been dealing with bad posture, a chiropractor can be vital to help improve your posture. Although there are some elements that you can control, fixing common posture issues can be a tough and painful thing to do by yourself. Sometimes, lifestyle changes aren’t enough.

Remember, the best way to address the issue is to prevent it from happening in the first place. If you have good posture, keep it that way. Just because there are ways to fix bad posture doesn’t mean you should ignore it. Remember, correcting your body is hard and sometimes painful. If you do have bad posture, make the needed lifestyle changes right away! This will help you avoid any future complications.

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