Vehicle accidents are horrifying, and many of those who survive them are considered lucky in many ways. So many factors can affect the way people can make it out of a bad accident. Speed, the impact area, and how the vehicle’s safety features work can spell the difference between life or death. 

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American roads often have nasty accidents due to the weather, driving under the influence, and overall distractions. It can be difficult when a person gets bumped or crashes their car, not because of the costs of reparations, but the complexities of medical injuries. One issue that affects those who survive these is called whiplash injuries.

This injury is a common area of care for an auto accident chiropractor

What Is Whiplash?

The sudden impact that throws a person in various directions during an accident can cause a sprain in the neck ligaments. When the neck snaps back and forth quickly and makes contact with the multiple airbags while locked behind a seatbelt, this can shock the head area’s various parts. 

When the ligaments, tendons, and nerves are affected by the body stiffening up after an accident, this can cause intense neck pains days after. These pains make head movements and motions difficult and restricted, which might require a visit to a chiropractic office to loosen the ligaments affected back to normal range. 

What Are the Symptoms?

Stiffness and neck pains are the most common characteristics of whiplash, followed by a traveling pain originating from the head area. Other symptoms can be vertigo or dizziness, with a squeezing sensation on the back of the skull. The discomforts can cause difficulties with concentration throughout the day, which can severely affect the quality of life. 

How an Auto Accident Chiropractor Can Help

Fortunately, whiplash very rarely requires surgery to restore bodily functions to normal. your Charlotte chiropractor. Consider seeking a chiropractor who can help you find a medication-free treatment. Chiropractors near you can help make slow adjustments to the specific neck joints that might have been misaligned after heavy impact.

The gentle motions will help slide these joints back into the right position, which will help with the muscles’ relaxation around the neck. 

A chiropractic clinic will stimulate muscles to relax further, as the stress caused by auto accidents can tighten them up, causing uncomfortable tension. They will repeat the motions to allow these tissues to loosen up and release the feelings of discomfort. 

Corrective exercises will also help address instabilities caused by slipped discs that cause neck pains. These exercises will also ensure that the range of motion is restored to its standard capacities and nothing is jolted back into place. 

Your local chiropractic office will also discuss ergonomics to ensure your body’s proper healing to prevent neck pains. Your auto accident chiropractor will help you find the right postures to sit and stand to ensure adequate recovery, along with the right stretches to do to restore functionality. 


Chiropractors have provided the best ways to recover from auto accidents and other bodily injuries with non-invasive methods. Restoring functionality and getting rid of neck pains are possible with visits to your local chiropractic office after getting whiplash symptoms. 

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