Chiropractic review and product schema Help With Bulging Discs - Understanding How Chiropractors Can Help

Age brings with it all sorts of aches and pains. If the discomfort is in the lower back, then that might be because of a bulging disc. Learn how chiropractors can help with bulging discs and relieve the pain. No matter what you do, this is something you are likely to experience eventually, whether you are an athlete, construction professional, or office worker. When that happens, it might be worth considering the help of a chiropractor. 

How is a bulging disc different from a herniated disc?

chiropractors can help with bulging discs

A bulging disc is not the same as a herniated disc. The latter refers to a crack in the disc’s outer layer known as an annulus. Usually it is the small part of the disc that is affected, which causes the soft material called the nucleus pulposus to protrude. 

A bulging disc, on the other hand, refers to a disc protruding from the space with no crack and no material protrusion. It creates pressure on the area of the disc that may lead to various symptoms. 

What are the symptoms?

While herniated discs are more painful, a bulging can also cause discomfort and pain over time. Some of the symptoms of a bulging disc include:

  • Tingling, numbness, or muscle weakness in one or both legs
  • Pinched nerve
  • Changes in bowel or bladder function
  • Hyper reflexivity in one or both legs
  • Paralysis below the waist
  • Deep pain over the shoulder blade or in the shoulder area
  • Pain when moving the neck
  • Radiating pain in the fingers, forearm and upper arm

This is normally diagnosed through an MRI, x-ray, myelogram, or CT scan. 

How chiropractic methods can help with bulging discs

The beauty of chiropractic methods is that it is non-invasive, involving neither drugs nor injections. If you want to seek alternate pathways that don’t involve cutting you open, then this might be your best option. Once you have your diagnosis, you can work with a chiropractor to figure out the best course of action. 

Before anything is done, you must open up about your medical history with your chiropractor. They will also likely make you undergo a few tests that involve reviewing your nerve function, reflexes, and muscle tone. They may also order additional MRI scanning or x-rays to get a more detailed picture of your condition. 

The whole body approach to wellness

The beauty of chiropractic treatment is that these professionals examine your whole spine—not just the affected area. From there, they will treat your body as a whole and provide instructions for self-care. This might involve exercise, regular stretching, nutritional recommendations, and other lifestyle changes. 

Essentially, they will try to discover the root cause of this problem and fix it, rather than just address its effects. You might just be surprised to find out that you too can live a pain-free life! 

Final thoughts

Chiropractic for bulging discs is a good long-term solution in lieu of surgery and injections. The wonderful thing about this pathway is that it can solve other spinal problems you might have, alleviating and mitigating whatever back and body problems you might experience in the foreseeable future. 

If you’re looking for chiropractic ways to help with your bulging disc, send us at the Tebby Clinic a message. We can help you get fast relief from sports injuries, auto injuries, and other causes of body pain. 

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