Neck pain can be very uncomfortable. The common cause of neck pain is sitting for long periods, which is common for people who are glued to their desks for work. If you experience neck pain, a chiropractor may help ease the discomfort with gentle chiropractic care.

Gentle chiropractic care in Charlotte North Carolina

Several chiropractic techniques may be used to treat neck pain. However, the type of method used depends on the patient. 

If you don’t want a high level of thrust manipulation, you can ask your chiropractor to perform gentler chiropractic techniques that do not involve joint popping or neck twisting.

Keep in mind that chiropractors may also have a preference of their own. Perhaps, a chiropractor prefers cervical drop over cervical mobilization because they have more experience and skills with it. 

That is why you must speak with several chiropractors first. Here are some gentle chiropractic techniques you should know about: 

Cervical Mobilization With Gentle Chiropractic

It may seem “spine-chilling” but cervical manipulation is one of the most gentle chiropractic techniques today. For one, you will be required to lie on your back in a comfortable position. When you’re finally comfortable, your chiropractor will use smooth stretches to improve mobility.

There won’t be any movements that produce knee-jerk reactions. 

When you’re all stretched out, the chiro will move the vertebrae from left to right, which will make the bones move back and forth through a figure-8 motion. The head may also be moved back and forth and rotated. 

Cervical Manual Traction

Cervical manual traction is usually used in tandem with cervical mobilization for the best results. The focus of this chiropractic technique is to provide comfort by loosening the muscles in the neck.

Your chiro will gently pull the neck forward and back to stretch the spine. The chiropractor will explore different angles to ensure that you’re comfortable and the technique is working. 

Cervical Drop

In the cervical drop technique, you will be asked to lay on your side or stomach. A piece of special equipment with a head drop piece that is locked in placed will be used in this technique.

The equipment will help loosen the muscles in the neck and improve the range of motion. 

The piece of equipment may be intimidating, especially for first-timers. Don’t worry as this is a gentle technique. Your chiropractor will apply steady pressure on the spine until the drop releases. 


As you can see, advanced chiropractic techniques for neck pain don’t have to be intimidating. These gentle chiropractic techniques will help you feel at ease before your treatment, and you will also feel relaxed afterward. 

It’s crucial to take time to find the best chiropractor that suits your needs. Ask your doctor for referrals and research on your own as well.

The internet contains a lot of information about chiropractors in general. Moreover, taking the time to consult with several chiropractors and discussing your needs and your preferences are essential to ensure that you will get the treatment that makes you comfortable. 

Instead of taking pain medications to ease your neck pain or getting frequent massages, opt for a chiropractic therapy! Chiropractic care is an excellent treatment and a holistic approach that will provide you with longer-lasting results. 

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