Chiropractic care can help with the immune system, helping you fight off viruses such as Coronavirus.

As of late, Coronavirus (COVID-19) has been the headline that has most people talking. As evidenced by the empty shelves at big box stores like Costco, canned goods and disinfectant wipes are harder to get than a ticket to the Oscars as Brad Pitt’s date.

Here are some things that are suggested by the Charlotte chiropractors of Tebby Chiropractic and Sports Medicine Clinic that can help you stay healthy in the midst of this pending pandemic, including a variety of illnesses such as the flu and common cold.

Coronavirus includes both the common cold to extremes such as SARS and MERS. The current novel coronavirus is on the far end of the illness spectrum. As scary as this has been portrayed, there are some basic starting points to limit the chances of being infected.

Washing Your Hands Thoroughly

As with any good hygiene habit, remember the words of the millennials who said, “wash your hands like you are trying to hide a club stamp from your Mum”. Surprisingly good advice. Washing your hands with soap and warm water is a good first step to protection.

Obviously wash before sitting down to eat and after using the bathroom. Public places are the worse as they may not be a clean as your home and handling public doorknobs and touch screens used by others is a good place for germs to hide. Because the virus is thought to be spread person to person, it is best not to touch your face or mouth after having encountered these surfaces.

If you are traveling and staying in hotels, the place with the most germs is the television remote control and the in-room telephones and house phones.

Good Eating Habits

Our ability to stay healthy is a function of our immune system and begins with having a healthy gut. A balanced diet devoid of processed and sugars, but rich in vegetables, whole grains, fresh fruits, good fats such as avocado oil and lean proteins. The gut is the first line of defense for the immune system. Keeping it healthy will help to keep you healthy.

Increase your consumption of water, staying well hydrated. Increasing your intake of Vitamins such as Vitamin C and Vitamin D are also beneficial in supporting your immune system.

The Japanese College of Intravenous Therapy has suggested that patients infected with the coronavirus be started on immediate IV of Vitamin C as it is a powerful antiviral agent.

Another line of defense for a healthy gut is consumption of probiotics. Probiotics can help re-populate and support the normal flora of the gut. Probiotics are the good bacteria of the gut and are available as a live refrigerator culture or as a caplet.

Get A Great Night Sleep

Staying up worrying about a potential pandemic does nothing for your body and taxes your immune system. At the very least, you should be getting a minimum of six to eight hours of sleep per night. While you are sleeping, your body is recharging and rejuvenating. This time is vital to body and its health and wellness; make the most of it.

Having an environment that is conducive to a restful night is important. The room should be quiet, dark and cool. Make sure that you turn off all electronics prior to going to bed. Looking through Instagram or Face Book feeds does not help you to sleep. Neither does a constant feed of news about the most recent outbreaks, so it is best to just turn it off.

Make Sure to See A Local Chiropractor 

Chiropractic care is essential to health and well being of the central nervous system. This is the neural network that regulates the functions of your body, including your immune system. Regular chiropractic care can help with how your nervous system communicates with your body, by removing spinal impingements, called subluxations. When the central nervous system can communicate properly then all systems can work at its optimal potential.

What the Tebby Clinic and it’s team members do to prevent the spread of the coronavirus

Sanitizing our office and treatment rooms.

As standard practices, our office is sanitized daily per CDC guidelines. With the out break of coronavirus (COVID-19), we sanitize each room before patients are seen and the office sanitation schedule and extent of cleanings has been increased to ensure ample office hygiene. We do make sanitation gels available at the front desk.

Patient hygene and safety

At the front desk, if any patient has any one of the following three, you will be asked to reschedule your appointment and, if needed, we will assist you in seeing the appropriate healthcare specialist.

  1. Fever over 100.03
  2. Cough
  3. Tiredness
  4. Difficulty in breathing or shortness in breath

Employee hygene and safety

We follow the guidelines of the CDC and encourage our staff to wash hands regularly, follow sanitation guides and follow the established guides to prevent and reduce the spread of respiratory diseases. Our guidelines include allowing the staff members to exceed our current policies regarding sick leave and encourage any to miss work, should they feel sick.

We can’t control the Coronavirus, influenza or the common cold, but we can control how we support our own health. There is no magic when it comes to fighting viruses and the best thing to go back to the basics to stay healthy and know that this will pass.

Our office is open and seeing patients for regular care. Please know as an essential services office, we regularly monitor both the CDC, state and governmental health agencies recommendations.

For additional information and the latest developments on the Coronavirus (COVID-19) visit the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention at their website.

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