A DOT physical near me is an evaluation done by a national registry certified medical examiner to make sure drivers are healthy and capable of operating a commercial motor vehicle. The medical exam includes assessments such as eye exam, hearing test, neurological exam, and blood pressure check. This is done in our office by a licensed dot medical professionals. This is a routine dot physical exam  that is fairly easy for most people. However, it is a requirement in order to keep your commercial license and to insure that you meet the dot physical requirements and that you are medically fit.

DOT exam near me

The DOT physical exam is required for a commercial drivers license cdl is a series of tests that are designed to determine whether or not you are physically qualified to work in the transportation industry. It is required by the Department of Transportation to ensure that those driving commercial vehicles are healthy and safe to be doing so.

When it is time for your DOT exam, what should you bring?

When you’re going for your DOT physical near me, make sure to bring a few things with you. You should bring your driver’s license.  All applicants 18 years or older must provide a current driver’s license or state identification card as proof of identity. This will help us to identify that you are who you say you are. You also should bring along any medications that you are currently taking. You can bring a list or the actual bottles themselves. We find that most people find it easier just to grab their bottles.

The medical provider will go over your health history.

There are certain medications that will require you to have a letter from your primary doctor that you are safe to operate large commercial equipment while taking this medication. You will find a list of those medications on our main page regarding DOT exams. They are things such as:

  • Antipsychotics
  • Antidepressants
  • Warfarin
  • Provigil
  • Byetta
  • Lithium

Also, if you have sleep apnea, you will need to have the latest copy of your sleep study and the print out from your CPAP machine. Also, have your primary care physician’s name, phone number and address along with the DOT exam forms that can be found on our main DOT physical near me page. You can download this form and fill it out at home to save time in the office. Also, if you suffer from diabetes, be sure that you bring in your latest A1C1 results. For people with heart issues, you will need your cardiologist information as well as the latest stress test results. You will also need a letter from your cardiologist to go along with your DOT.

Get your DOT exam done quickly without issues.

Most people that are looking to find a physician to do their DOT physical near me, have done one of these before. But, if you have recently had a medical episode, it is important that you understand what is needed of you to bring along. You may call our office with questions before you arrive to ensure that you have everything you need.

We offer an easy to get exam location for your  dot medical examination.

To reduce the time you spend in our clinic, we encourage truck drivers to download the complete medical from our patient resources. You can find the patient forms here.

For time savings we ask that you book appointment either on line or by calling 704-541-7111.

We offer same day DOT drivers medical physicals that only take about 20 mins to perform. Our office has been doing these physicals for many years and are confident in doing them quickly and efficiently to get our clients out the door. We understand that your time is valuable and important. This is why we offer all the information online, so you will know exactly what to expect at your DOT physical near me.

Operating a commercial vehicle is a big deal. It is important that you follow what your doctors recommend and tell you, as it is important for not only you, but others on the road. We understand that you might find this exam a hassle but rest assured it is for your own good and health. During these exams, we often will catch something that you may not have known regarding your health. The most important thing to do for your health is follow up with your primary care physician when this occurs. Be sure to get the referrals you need to keep yourself healthy. This might include a sleep study or a cardiologist exam. Following up with your doctor will ensure that you stay healthy and in a good driving status.

Get your DOT physical near me exam done the same day.

CDL medical exam near me

While we do offer DOT physicals to our patients the same day, we also offer other things such as breath alcohol test, drug test and a laminated medical card. This card will need to be shown if you are ever pulled over or in an accident. It is important as this is a requirement for both the DOT and insurance companies. To get this medical id card, you don’t have to be in perfect shape. However, you need to have whatever medical condition you have under control. Getting this card can vary from state to state so be sure you fully understand what is needed from you. Should you have questions, Dr. Tebby and his staff are always happy to answer.

You don’t have to be in perfect health to pass.

During your exam you will have to pass a vision test, hearing test and blood pressure testing. While you might have issues with the vision, as long as you have corrective lenses you should be fine. The same goes for high blood pressure. As long as you have your blood pressure under control through medication, you will be fine as well. This exam is to find people that don’t have their blood pressure under control. It also helps find people that might need to go in for an eye exam or further hearing test. Our tests are very preliminary and are only there to tell us that there is a problem. Once we discover the problem during a DOT physical near me, you will need to seek treatment options.

Once the testing and physical are completed the DOT certified examiner who  performs dot physical will issue you a  dot medical card. This card must accompany, along with the medical examiner certification your cdl license, indicating that you are fit to operate a commercial vehicle.

While we offer DOT physical near me exams, we also offer chiropractic clinics accept the majority of insurance plans. However, it’s best to verify that your insurance will cover chiropractic care, alcohol testing, drug testing and more. We are happy to go over the various services with you, should you have questions and concerns.

Getting your DOT physical in North Carolina has never been easier. It can be done by your Charlotte chiropractor, Tebby Clinic. You can have a same day appointment and we work hard to ensure that you are in and out as quickly as possible.

DOT physical near me.


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