What Is a DOT Medical Card?

The DOT medical card is a federally mandated document from federal motor carrier safety administrations .  It applies to all commercial vehicles.  This is regardless of whether they are big, small, or something in between. It covers the medical requirements for anyone who wants to operate a commercial vehicle over 10,000 pounds.

DOT medical exam

The main purpose of the DOT card is to make sure that all potential drivers meet certain requirements of the DOT physical. This will help them avoid being responsible for accidents on the road caused by driving this commercial vehicle.  It is meant to help with safety.  If you are a truck driver, you are probably familiar with the DOT exams and DOT drug tests.

DOT exams have been around forever.  Yeah, many drivers don’t like them, but they are meant to keep you healthy.  Many truck drivers don’t go to the doctor as often as they should.  Because of this, they can be walking around with some illness and never know.  That is why these exams exist.  To ensure the health of the drivers behind the wheels or our great trucks.

Why Do You Need a DOT Medical Card?

CDL medical cardSome people may not know that you need a DOT medical card.  If you want to drive a commercial vehicle in the United States, you need one. The requirements are different depending on whether or not you have had any traffic violations.  It also depends on if they were involved in an accident and if you’ve ever applied for disability.

A DOT medical card is needed because of two things:

  1. It keeps insurance companies in check
  2. It protects the safety of other travelers on the road.

Many people often underestimate the importance of a medical DOT card. Suppose they fail to apply for one until they are stopped by law enforcement. This can lead to serious consequences such as fines, inconvenience, or worse – jail time.

Every state has its own particular set of requirements for the card. This means that you may need a different card depending on where you live.  It is important to know what your state requires.  Then find out if there are any particular requirements that your particular area has.

North Carolina Medical Card Requirements:

The list of required documents varies by state.  However, most cards will require proof of certain things.  These are name, age, date of birth, citizenship, legal residence status, and a Social Security number. Some cards will also require proof of identity (like a driver’s license).  Others might also ask for evidence of a commercial driver position.

DOT medical card expiration grace period

This does not have a grace period. However, you can choose pending while waiting for the medical examiner to collect the information for a qualified decision.

If you need to get your Commercial license renewed, you shouldn’t wait to update your medical card. Make an appointment right away so that you won’t have any downtime. DOT physical near you

You need to consider many things when looking to get a DOT medical card near me. The main thing is what your needs are and what the requirements are for the medical card.

This examination is needed for those driving commercial vehicles. They are used to ensure that the drivers on the road are okay medically. A medical examiner does these exams. They will test basic things such as your blood pressure and check some basics such as cholesterol and more. This is a good exam to ensure that you are in good health, not only for your DOT.

What Is The Process?

This is an identification card that you can get from the North Carolina Department of Transportation.  You must first pass a written test and meet other requirements.  You will need to pass the medical exam.  This doesn’t mean that you need to be in perfect shape, but you need to have your condition under control.

In North Carolina, you need to get this card if you’re an operator of commercial vehicles.  These vehicles are to weigh more than 10,000 pounds.  If they operate on a highway or interstate, they need this card.

The process to get a DOT medical card in North Carolina can be different from other states.  Be sure you understand what the laws are where you live.

It allows you to legally drive a vehicle on a public road. This is for those who need to operate heavy machinery or drive a commercial vehicle that weighs more than 10,000 pounds.

What To Expect For passing the dot physical:

Obtaining your CDL health card

The physical examination has specifics on the minimums the driver is required to meet regarding medical conditions.

The vision test

  • Vision at least 20/40 in each individual eye and both eyes

Hearing test

  • Hear a forced whisper from 8 feet.

Blood pressure and your DOT examBlood pressure testing

  • Blood pressure testing, no higher than 140/90.

Your DOT medical exam is a requirement for commercial truck drivers in the United States. A state-licensed physician performs the exam who is listed in the national registry of certified medical DOT Examiners.  It will be based on the physical examination, laboratory evaluation, and medical history you provide.

The DOT medical exam helps ensure that commercial truckers are medically qualified to operate their vehicles safely on America’s roads.

Once qualified, the CDL holders will receive a medical examiners certification which we will enter into the federal medical data base.  The cmv drivers are responsible for seeing that their information is submitted to their respective commercial driver license department.

Suppose you are a commercial truck driver and are up for your review. You need to find a professional medical examiner.  We can assist you with getting your medical card.

We offer exams to renew your CDL license and provide you with the information required on how to submit your cdl medical certification information to the driver license office.

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