Health Check Services in Charlotte: A Guide to DOT Exams

In Charlotte, North Carolina, health check services are essential for individuals in various occupations, especially for those who are required to comply with the Department of Transportation (DOT) regulations. DOT exams are a fundamental requirement for many commercial drivers to ensure that they are physically capable of safely operating commercial vehicles. This guide will provide you with an overview of DOT exams, what they entail, and where you can find reliable health check services in Charlotte for these exams.

What is a DOT Exam?

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A DOT exam, also known as a DOT physical, is a health examination mandated by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) for commercial vehicle drivers. The primary objective of this exam is to determine if an individual is physically, mentally, and emotionally fit to operate a commercial vehicle safely. The exam assesses various health parameters, including vision, hearing, blood pressure, and neurological health, among others. A certified medical examiner (CME), who is listed on the FMCSA National Registry, must conduct the DOT exam.

Components of a DOT Exam

The DOT physical examination includes several components to assess a driver’s health status comprehensively. Some of the key components include:

  • Vision Test: Drivers must have at least 20/40 acuity in each eye with or without correction and a horizontal field of vision of at least 70 degrees.
  • Hearing Test: Drivers must be able to perceive a forced whisper from a distance of at least 5 feet away, with or without the use of a hearing aid.
  • Blood Pressure Measurement: Drivers should have a blood pressure lower than 140/90 to pass the examination. Those with higher readings may be granted a temporary certification pending treatment and control of their blood pressure.
  • Neurological Evaluation: The examiner will assess the driver’s reflexes, coordination, and balance to ensure that there is no impairment that could affect their driving capability.
  • Substance Abuse Screening: A urine test is conducted to screen for the presence of drugs or alcohol.

Finding DOT Exam Services in Charlotte

Charlotte has a variety of health check facilities that offer DOT exam services. These range from hospitals, chiropractic offices to dedicated occupational health centers. When looking for a place to get a DOT physical, it is crucial to ensure that the medical examiner performing the exam is certified by the FMCSA. You can find a list of certified medical examiners in Charlotte or anywhere in the United States by visiting the FMCSA’s National Registry website

It’s also advisable to prepare for your DOT physical by bringing any necessary documents, such as medical records, list of medications, and glasses or contact lenses if you wear them. Being prepared can help expedite the examination process and ensure a smooth experience.


DOT exams are a critical requirement for commercial drivers in Charlotte and across the United States. These health checks ensure that drivers are physically and mentally fit to safely handle commercial vehicles, thus playing an important role in maintaining road safety. With several locations in Charlotte offering these exams, commercial drivers have various options for fulfilling their DOT physical requirements. Remember to verify the examiner’s certification and be well-prepared for your examination to ensure it goes as smoothly as possible.

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At Tebby Chiropractic and Sports Medicine Clinic, we’re recognized in Charlotte for our outstanding DOT health check services. Our skilled healthcare professionals are adept at conducting comprehensive examinations, encompassing everything from a meticulous review of your medical history to physical examinations, as well as vision and hearing tests. Leveraging state-of-the-art technology, our clinic delivers accurate and efficient assessments, customized to meet the unique needs of commercial drivers.

We understand the demands of a commercial driver’s schedule, which is why we offer appointments that are both flexible and convenient. Our goal is to make your visit as smooth and hassle-free as possible, in an environment where your health and safety are prioritized above all else. Our supportive team is here to guide you through the DOT health check process, providing the necessary documentation for DOT compliance and answering any questions you might have.

For top-tier, reliable DOT health check services in Charlotte, turn to Tebby Chiropractic and Sports Medicine Clinic. To schedule your DOT health check, or to learn more about our services, click to call us today at 704-541-7111. Our dedicated team is prepared to assist you in fulfilling your health requirements with professionalism and care. Trust Tebby Clinic for all your DOT health check needs, ensuring you’re always safe, compliant, and ready for the road ahead.

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