Chronic Low Back Pain Relief with Chiropractic Care

low back pain reliefOur industrious and commercial civilization is built on the backs of labor professionals who endure countless hours on their feet, at their desks or engaging in “back breaking” activities. While they sometimes begin as minor irritations, it doesn’t take long for a pain in the back to become so serious that it affects all other activities from resting to professional productivity. That is why seeking chiropractic care for chronic low back pain relief is a first pronged approach to getting on the path of pain free living.

Many times, the underlying causes of a back problem can be subtle, but these are some of the factors that can contribute to back pain:

Poor Posture – those who spend many hours at their desk or in other relatively inactive postures, such as studying, gaming, etc. can begin to develop structural changes in the back and neck. When muscles are weaker they allow the body to collapse into the most natural form, this can cause flaws in your structural balance and muscular integrity.

As the body adopts improper positions for long periods of time, more pressure is placed on specific bones or spinal discs and muscle strain is greater in one area. If this is not corrected it may cause back pain in itself as the spine is left less resilient to sudden injuries. car accident chiropractor Charlotte NC

Car Accidents – Even though symptoms after a car accident can take minuets, to hours, to even days to show up you should  always go for a checkup at your local car accident chiropractor.

Strains and Fatigue – even a strong back can suddenly become afflicted with pains from sports strains and general weakness. When an especially heavy object is hoisted, the body distributes the weight and pressure evenly through the bones, joints and muscles. The back takes the brunt of this pressure and if the back were slightly misaligned for some reason, it can react unexpectedly and this can be painful.

Latent Injuries and Other Conditions – You may think sufficient time has passed to rule out your high-school football injury as the source of your pain, but not so. The truth is, without an ongoing plan for complete and total rehabilitation, these conditions can cause the body to compensate with imbalance.

How Would A Chiropractic Clinic Near Me Address Back Pain?

Chiropractic treatment is based on the importance of the spine and its correct positioning in addressing back pain as well as enjoying a healthy and pain free life. The central focus of the chiropractic profession is on spinal alignment and manipulation to keep the body’s own regenerative capacities to function optimally.

Back Pain Treatment in a Chiropractic Setting

With proper spinal alignment being the ultimate goal of your chiropractic treatment, your first visit to the chiropractor will begin with an evaluation like you would expect in any other medical setting. Depending on the results of your initial examination your chiropractor may require X-Rays to ensure a precise diagnosis and treatment.

After this, you and your chiropractor will develop a plan of ongoing treatment to address your spinal conditions. When working with the spine it is essential that adjustments are small, gradual and gentle. A complete treatment for pain management may require several visits over a specific amount of time to complete.

During the course of your treatment, proper balance and spinal health will be improved through pressure applied to specific regions of your back and body. This will work to correct any flaws in your spines balance and begin a path to better spinal health and reduced occurrences of pain.

chiropractic clinic Charlotte NCThis pressure used to adjust the spine is always delivered in small amounts with relatively small impacts. Certain massage practice may aid in the adjustments and pain management. It will be important to discuss the techniques applied by your chiropractor with them before beginning your treatment.

In addition to regular the spinal adjustments, your chiropractor may make a few other recommendations for a comprehensive treatment plan for back pain relief in Charlotte NC. This may include:

– A change in diet

– Recommendations for physical activity

– Hot and cold packs

That’s where the Charlotte Chiropractors come in and help make your recovery a quick and easy one!

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