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Most people who live with back pain are unable to engage in certain activities that they used to enjoy. If you have a family member who is suffering from chronic back pain, there are many things that you can do to help relieve their pain and make their pain more manageable:

Encourage Them to See a Chiropractor

The first thing that you can do for a loved one who suffers from chronic back pain is to help them figure out the source of the problem and find out what treatment options are available. Take them to a reputable chiropractor, a licensed practitioner who treats orthopedic conditions with non-surgical procedures.

Unlike medical doctors that aim to cure symptoms with surgery and medications, chiropractic doctors focus on the underlying condition of the spine and the structures surrounding it. Look for a chiropractor who works in conjunction with physical therapists, massage therapists, and other practitioners for the best results. The chiropractor will run diagnostic tests, such as x-rays, before coming up with a treatment plan. It is always a good idea that you and the patient truly understand the problem and proposed therapies.

Exercise With Them

If the person suffering from the pain has to do stretches and exercises as recommended by the chiropractor, you can do these exercises along with them. Exercises that work the core and back muscles, glutes, and hips are great for alleviating back pain. Pilates and yoga are some of the best exercises for strengthening the core.

Assign Them New Roles If Necessary

Make sure that your family member with chronic back pain is not doing household chores that involve lifting or moving heavy objects. If they are normally the person who is in charge of changing the light bulbs or cleaning, you should assign these roles to other members instead. For the person with back pain, have them do tasks that require more thinking, such as planning the next family vacation.

Make Sure They Are Comfortable At Home

If the person with back pain is having difficulty moving up and down the stairs, you can help by bringing down their essential items to the first floor. Make sure that they have everything they need from their room, and provide them with necessary pillows and other back supports to make sure that their condition does not worsen. If this family member has to do a lot of desk work, you can help by getting them a standing desk for their convenience.

Provide Healthy Meals For Them

A healthy diet that is rich in nutrients and low in processed foods is the key to good health. By having your loved one who is suffering from back pain eat healthier, their body will be able to heal faster. If you are responsible for cooking, make sure that the meals are healthy and nutritious. Talk to your Charlotte chiropractor regarding nutrition.

Be Supportive

All in all, the most important thing that you can do to help is to be supportive of your loved one’s recovery process. Encourage them to be patient and always be there for them as they go through surgeries or any other procedures. At the end of the day, solid support from the family is the most crucial factor that will help the patient recover successfully.

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