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How To Choose The Right Pillow For Your Neck

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Most people take the time to choose the perfect mattress to get a comfortable sleep. However, regardless of the amount of time they spend, they often pay little attention to choosing the right pillow. Finding the right pillow is difficult because you must consider several decisions.

Here are several questions that can help you find a pillow that suits you best.

When is the right time to get a new pillow?

The right time to replace your current pillow is when it is already out of shape and causing frequent neck pains or headaches when you wake up in the morning. The ideal time frame is to replace your pillows every one or two years.

For hygienic reasons, it’s best to do away with older pillows because they gather fungus and dust mites, which can trigger allergies that interfere with breathing during sleep. Sweat stains and foul odors are also indicators that the pillow is due for replacement.

Likewise, you can conduct a quick test to determine if the pillow can still support your neck. If you fold the pillow in half and it remains folded, it means that the pillow no longer has ample support for your neck. Natural fill pillows that hang to your extended arm are up for replacement as well.

As for synthetic pillows, fold the pillow in half and put weight above it. If it doesn’t return to its flat state after taking the weight out, it’s time to look for a new pillow. Finally, fold king-size pillows in thirds and replace them if they don’t return to its original state.

How do you know what pillow is right for you? choosing the right pillow

Height and firmness are significant considerations in choosing a pillow. The height is dependent on your sleeping style, and the pillow must maintain your neck straight when sleeping in a side sleeping position. If you are a back sleeper, a pillow that supports the natural curve or your neck is best. Meanwhile, the firmness depends on whatever material you feel good. As a general rule, firm pillows off the best support.

With that being said, memory foam pillows work best with memory foam mattresses and products such as Purple pillow work best with their Purple mattress, which is marketed as a purple hybrid.

Back sleepers that experience sleep apnea or snoring problems must refrain using a low pillow to avoid intensifying their conditions. Instead, they must use a pillow of medium height to prevent the neck from overextending or excessively flexing during sleep. Aim for back sleeping if you are experiencing neck pain. This posture will help your chin from contacting your chest, which can restrict oxygen flow.

Meanwhile, those who prefer sleeping sideways must use a tall pillow to keep the neck neutral with the shoulders. Having your head inclined towards one side can cause neck pains when you wake up. Choosing a pillow that is not high enough will lean their head towards the mattress, causing neck strain.

Sleeping on your stomach, on the other hand, reduces sleep apnea but increases the possibility of neck pain. Stomach sleepers must fully rotate their neck for hours or flip over when they can. However, if this sleeping posture is unavoidable, it’s best to use a short pillow to lessen the twisting of the neck. This is a specialized area and pillows for stomach sleepers can be found on our product page.

What is the preferred sleeping position?

The most obvious answer is the one that you are most comfortable and achieve the best sleep quality. Most people will find it best to sleep with contoured pillows that support your neck and shoulders while sleeping on your side. Others will find that sleeping flat on their back with a cervical pillow to be more comfortable. These neck pillows can be reviewed on our product page.

What is the best pillow for side sleepers with neck pain?

The best pillow for side sleepers is a contoured pillow neck pillow, one that is made of foam with an egg crate surface to reduce pressure points on the head and neck. A flat pillow offers no support for the neck.

Treat neck pain by visiting a chiropractor near you.

If you’re already experiencing neck pain or have chronic neck pain due to poor sleeping posture, you can consult any of Tebby Clinic’s licensed professionals for treatment. They will address your pain with an initial examination and evaluation to determine the cause of your neck pain and prescribe a treatment plan. They can also help you in choosing the right pillow.

As always, follow our chiropractic blog for the latest health tips. Our licensed massage therapists are available as a treatment option along with regular chiropractic care.

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