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As a chiropractor Ballantyne NC , we take pride in understanding the spine and its natural curves.  We take a holistic approach to medicine, as do many chiropractors.  By looking at your posture and stance, we can tell what needs to be done to get you your natural curves back in your spine. When these curves are disrupted, we often feel pain in certain areas.

However, where the pain is, doesn’t necessarily mean that is the problem area.

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Think about a stack of blocks.  The blocks can be stacked neatly and all is well.  However, when you start to pull the blocks out in different directions, the natural balance gets off. This is the same as your spine.  It was naturally perfect at the beginning.

However, you have gone through life and jarred it out of place with falls and accidents.  Over time, gravity has assisted with this and your posture has gotten progressively worse with time.

This progression can sometimes lead to pain, but not always.  Take for example text neck, something that many of us suffer but few even know about it.

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Text neck occurs from looking down too much.  While we all love our devices and having small computers at our fingertips is amazing, it is hard on our health.  We like to watch videos, movies, scroll the internet, and even have face to face conversations over our devices.  All of which we are looking down.

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Other factors that play into text neck is our jobs.  Many of us inspect parts, work on computers, work on machines, and other things that force us to be looking down all the time.  Some things that we can do at home to assist with this is to put our TVs up and our computer monitors up, so we are not looking down at them.

Try to hold your handheld device out to keep you from looking directly down all the time.

A Chiropractor in Ballantyne NC

Chiropractor in Ballantyne NC adjusting a patient with lower back pain and hip pain.

A Chiropractor in Ballantyne, can take some x-rays as well as explain to you if you might have text neck or other misalignments going on.  There are many reasons that our spine gets misaligned, however, there is help.  When seeking Chiropractic services in Ballantyne, you want to find someone that you can trust and feel comfortable with.

Sometimes you don’t have pain, but you noticed that you are hunched over or have trouble standing up straight.  These too are reasons to seek out Ballantyne Chiropractors to see what can be done. The sooner you get in, the better for your spine.

While many know that a Ballantyne chiropractic center offers assistance with back problems and pain, little understand how it actually helps the entire body.  Remember those building blocks, your body is the blocks.  You start with your feet and proper support, moving to your legs, knees, and hips, then your body and spine to complete with the neck and head.  Any parts in the system can break down.

This means that a chiropractor can assist you with a pinched nerve,  joint pain as well as carpal tunnel to name a few.  Everything in the body is connected to the spine.

There are large muscle groups that are connected that many people are not aware of.  These can become tense and pull the spine or body out of alignment.  Seeking Ballantyne advanced chiropractic care can certainly assist with these issues with our  location in Ballantyne, just off I485.

Assistance with aches and pains

When you visit a Chiropractor in Ballantyne NC be sure that you tell them everything that is going on with your body.  All your aches and pains might be related and perhaps they can help.  When you seek a medical doctor, they only look at the area of pain, such as a knee, and not the cause.

While there are times that going under the knife cannot be avoided, there are many times that it can with proper chiropractors offer nutritional counseling in addition to spinal manipulations. Because the goal of chiropractic care.

Your Ballantyne chiropractor can take a look at your overall posture to determine if your stance is coming down wrong on your knees.  This can wear the knees improperly and cause pain.  This is more common than many people think.  While a chiropractor in Ballantyne can assist with your back problems and shoulder pain, they also can help you with knee issues too.

Maybe you aren’t looking for a chiropractor in Ballantyne for yourself but for a loved one.  Many times we see older people brought in by their children.  As they age, they are hunching over more and more and it is concerning.  This means that there are more falls and balance issues as well.  Take the time to take your loved one to see a specialized chiropractor that can assist.

Chiropractor Ballantyne NC

Another thing that chiropractors are good at assisting with, but not heavily known for, is assisting with infants that have chronic ear infections.  Having your infant adjusted regularly can help ears drain properly and assist with ear infections.

While we all think that chiropractors only assist with back and neck pain, that is actually false.  There are all kinds of issues that can be addressed with proper chiropractic care.

Doctor at the Ballantyne chiropractic center adjusting a patient after a car accident.


The holistic approach that a chiropractor takes to assist the body means that you won’t have any harsh drugs or chemicals.  In fact, most don’t like medicine as a medical doctor sees it, but they see the body as a healing machine on its own.  When your body is fed a proper diet along with exercise and even supplements it is built to naturally heal on its own.

While there are exceptions, of course, this is known as a holistic approach.  A chiropractor will adjust your spine with manual adjustments.

We are conveniently located close near  Fort Mill ,  Lancaster Hwy and  Charlotte North Carolina. With our chiropractic clinics location nearby  Ballantyne NC and  Charlotte NC, we can offer services such as  natural health care for problems relief ranging from  herniated disc to  shoulder pain,  low back pain,  sports injuries and  pain management.

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Our  chiropractic physician take pride in offering  quality chiropractic care in our  Charlotte chiropractic and rehab clinic.

Aftercare from a Chiropractic appointment

Does Chiropractor care hurt?  There may be some pain involved as the spine is being moved, however, it is rather mild for most people.  While under chiropractic care, you should have ice packs ready for bone pain and heat for muscle pain.  This will allow the muscles to open up and not be so tense on the bones.

This allows the bones to move a little easier as well.  This is what most chiropractors will recommend for aftercare treatment plan; this and  regular visits. Some people feel nothing but pure relief, which is very common as well.

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