People in their later years are more susceptible to degenerative disc disease (DDD). This is because of the daily wear and tear of the bones as we go through our day-to-day hurdles. DDD is a condition where discs separate from your spine bones, which results in significant back pain. If not treated properly, this will lead to other illnesses, such as arthritis, disc herniation, or spinal stenosis.

Chronic back pain is one of the symptoms of DDD. For those diagnosed with the condition or if you’re someone who suspects you have DDD, you should look into chiropractic as treatment. Other treatments include occupational therapy, physical therapy, special exercises, or therapeutic options, such as medication and surgery for advanced cases.

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What is Chiropractic Treatment?

Patients suffering from spinal degenerative diseases such as ankylosing spondylitis can benefit greatly from chiropractic treatments for degenerative disc disease. Chiropractic pain management in conjunction with chiropractic adjustments can help reduce disc disease symptoms and reliance on pain medications.

The degenerative discs may be in the neck, upper back or lower back producing neck pain, lower back pain, pain and stiffness or even radiating pain resulting from the degenerated discs placing pressure on the spinal nerves. This will in turn reduce range of motion and can result in chronic pain.

Chiropractic care is a type of treatment that has become widely popular since it does not involve invasive procedures. The goal of the treatment is essential to improve joint mechanics. To achieve this, professionals use methods to improve spinal motion and reduce inflammation. For cases with advanced disc degeneration, chiropractors create a program to focus on the function of the intervertebral discs.

How Chiropractic Treatment Treats Degenerative Disc Disease

Degenerative disc disease can come from chronic low back pain which will involve the spinal disc and may chiropractic care and help degenerative disc diseasecreate radiating leg pain. Chronic low back pain can be caused by trauma from sports injuries  which left untreated can result in bone spurs (this can happen both in the cervical spine and the lumbar spine) resulting in pressure being applied to the nerve roots. In the cervical spine, common complaints would be shoulder pain or arm pain.

The first step toward the chiropractic treatment route is to find the specialist that you trust. You will be given an initial evaluation to determine whether you do have DDD. This will include simple imaging tests, such as an X-ray or MRI. They will also conduct physical and neurological exams to find out more clearly where your joint motion is restricted. In the initial diagnosis, the chiropractor will discuss with you the abnormality of your spinal curvature, the trigger points, and muscle spasms, as well as the evidence of injury.

Treatments for Degenerative Disc Disease

There are several treatments for degenerative disc disease in chiropractic care. Some of those treatments include specific spinal manipulation, flexion-distraction technique, and manual therapies, to name a few.

In specific spinal manipulation, your assigned chiropractor will work on how to restore movement to your joints using the gentle thrusting technique. For those with herniated discs and spinal stenosis, the flexion-distraction procedure will be the best treatment. It is a type of spinal manipulation that uses the gentle but non-thrusting technique. Another example is instrument-assisted manipulation, wherein a hand-held instrument is used to apply gentle force on the affected area.

Chiropractors also use manual therapies. One example is the trigger point therapy. Using this method, the chiropractor will determine the tight, painful joints on the muscle. After finding their target, they put direct pressures on the said joints to release tension.

Other manual joint stretching and resistance techniques include therapeutic massages that will help in reducing muscle tension. Whether you’re a diagnosed patient of DDD or you suspect you might have the condition, it’s better to have regular massage therapy to help release your muscle tension.

Those suffering from degenerative disc disease should seek the help of chiropractic care specialists. Unlike the strictly medical approach, they will give effective alternatives, such as practical exercises and other lifestyle goals. For one, you will have to watch your diet strictly to match the nutrition requirements of your therapy. Your trusted chiropractor will also introduce you to stress management techniques that will not only reduce your back tension but also clear your head.

If you are looking for a chiropractor in Charlotte NC to help you treat degenerative disc disease, get in touch with us to see how we can help.

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