An individual is bound to grow older and experience tighter muscles as part of aging, resulting in limited flexibility and range of motion. You can expect to face your daily routine with more difficulty as you grow older. It’s the stage when you start to experience body pain, such as neck pain and upper back pain, especially if you experience an injury. This is where the act of stretching truly shines.

Charlotte North Carolina woman stretching her hamstrings before seeing her Charlotte NC chiropractor.

Stretching is an inherent part of people’s daily routines, whether you know it or not. The moment you get up in the morning, you’re already stretching your arms and legs to shake yourself awake. It’s even more evident before or after a workout, as you tend to extend your body and stretch to instill energy into your muscles and bones. Aside from the fact that people stretch to feel better, it’s also an activity that offers plenty of benefits to your body functions.

For people who rely on chiropractic care, it’s essential to know that stretching and exercising regularly can speed up your recovery. Keep reading below to find out the benefits of applying stretching and turning it into a habit worth doing. 

Stretching Keeps Your Spine Properly Aligned

Each time you stretch, you can enhance your posture by working your chest, shoulders, and lower back. Failing to stretch is actually bad for your spine because your muscles tend to draw up asymmetrically.

As a result, the muscles on one part of your spine can pull up more than the muscles found on the other side, which often leads to a misalignment of your spine. But if you learn to stretch daily and combine it with chiropractic care, you can be sure to achieve good spinal health in the long run.

Stretching Enhances Your Mobility

Professionals always advise people to stretch regularly to increase their flexibility and range of motion to prevent injuries. Despite that, many individuals still forget to move their bodies and end up dealing with lower left back pain that could’ve been avoided with proper stretching.

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When you stretch, you are opening up your muscles and joints to work properly without exceeding your limit. So long as you take precautionary measures to extend your arms and legs and don’t overdo it, you can prevent muscle tears and injuries from happening.

Stretching Eliminates Tension in the Body

Stretching regularly allows you to improve your blood flow throughout your entire body and guide the oxygen inside you throughout your muscles, organs, and brain. When oxygen and blood are flowing through you freely, you prevent the buildup of toxins from occurring in your tissues.

Besides that, if you’re experiencing stress in your body, stretching can help eliminate the pressure in your muscles and manage the tension you’re feeling. What’s great about stretching is that you don’t need special equipment to get started. You can simply do it at home and without professional supervision!

Stretching Reduces Lower Back Pain

People who experience back pain and see a sports chiropractor can benefit from regular stretching because it serves as a relief from pain. Instead of taking painkillers and other prescribed medication, stretching helps as a natural solution to treat body pain.

Each time you release the tension that has built up in your muscles, your body is learning to heal on its own and eliminating the sensation you feel when you move your stiff muscles. Stretching serves as a relaxing way to move your body and eliminate pain.

Charlotte NC woman stretches her lower back


A properly aligned spine, enhanced mobility, reduced tension in the body, and prevention of lower back pain are just some of the benefits of incorporating stretching into your daily routine. While seeing a chiropractor serves to prevent physical problems from occurring, you can also make an effort to take the matter into your hands and learn to move consciously every day. If you need to follow a stretching plan tailored to your needs, you can ask your chiropractor to develop one that can sustain your body and continue inspiring fast recovery.

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