Car Accident Injuries And Symptoms

Car accidents happen every minute of every day. Unfortunately, no one gets into their car planning to get into a wreck, but there is always a chance that it can happen. And when it does happen, there are many car accident injuries and symptoms that can occur.  If you have been in an accident or simply want to know about the different car accident injuries and symptoms, continue reading this article for more information.

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Whiplash. A very common injury caused by car accidents is whiplash. This occurs when the head and neck suddenly and quickly move forward and backward without any support. Typically, whiplash occurs when a vehicle hits another one or the vehicle hits a stationary object. Any auto accident injury should be seen by a south Charlotte chiropractor.

Whiplash symptoms. Even though most people associate whiplash with the neck, it can cause many different symptoms. Along with neck pain and stiffness, whiplash can also cause pain and weakness in the jaw, shoulder, back, and radiating pain in the arms. It can also cause dizziness, fatigue, headaches, and visual disturbances.

back pain reliefBack injuries. Back injuries are common in car accidents. This may be due to a soft tissue injury, often called a strain, or it may be because of damage to the spinal cord or a herniated disk.

Back injury symptoms. Along with back pain and loss of motion in the back, there are other symptoms as well. Those who are experiencing a back injury from a car accident may feel reduced sensation in their legs and feet, arms and hands, and possibly even other body parts. Symptoms for those who have a herniated disk include pain in the arms or legs, numbness or tingling, sciatica and muscle weakness.

Knee injuries. Many times during car accidents drivers or passengers are thrown forward and can hit their knees on the dashboard. This can cause a variety of knee injuries.

Knee injury symptoms. Someone that has an injury to their knee caused by a car accident will have pain in the area. The knee may also be swollen or tender. Additionally, it may feel stiff.

Shoulder injuries. The seat belt wraps over one shoulder and can cause force to be focused there in a car accident. Or, if the accident caused the body to twist shoulder injuries can occur.

Shoulder injury symptoms. Different types of shoulder injuries can occur from auto accidents. Pain in the shoulder can occur, along with bruising. The area may be tender or stiff and hurts when it is moved. Also, weakness, swelling, numbness, or tingling can occur with this type of injury. Additionally, the shoulder may be pale in color, or discolored.

car accident chiropractorCar accident injury treatment. There are some different types of treatments for car accident injuries, but working with a car accident chiropractor is one of the most effective ways to treat these injuries. A chiropractor is able to provide a wide variety of treatment options based on the location and severity of the injury. They can also share exercises that can help with the healing of the area.

If you have developed car accident injuries in the Charlotte NC area, you should visit your Charlotte chiropractor.  This is an auto accident injury clinic in south Charlotte to look after your needs.

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