Chiropractic review and product schema Back pain relief during pregnancy in Charlotte NC

Back Pain Relief During Pregnancy in Charlotte NC

back pain relief during pregnancy in Charlotte NC

When you’re pregnant, your body goes through many physical changes. Most women search for back pain relief during pregnancy, especially in Charlotte NC. Your hormones are working double time, you’re faced with weight gain at a rapid pace, and your center of gravity shifts. This can be the cause of back pain. Many women complain of back pains as early as their first trimester of pregnancy. While it’s a common condition that women experience back pain while pregnant, it still deserves proper attention.

Thankfully, there are effective ways to ease back pain during pregnancy. All of these can be discussed with your health care provider. Below are seven simple remedies to relieve this discomfort so that you can fully enjoy this special season in your life:

  1. Develop good posture

Back pain during pregnancy is often caused by the changing of your body’s center of gravity. As your belly grows and you gain extra weight, you compensate by leaning back to avoid falling forward. This stance strains your lower back muscles and adds to your discomfort. To alleviate your lower back pain, make the conscious effort to practice good posture and eliminate poor posture.

Always stand up straight, with your chest held high and your shoulders pulled back. Your knees should also be straight but still relaxed. While standing, a wide stance is best to give your body weight proper support. If you need to stand for long periods, try to rest one foot at a time by stepping on a low stool and remember to take frequent breaks.

Having good posture also means minding how you sit. If you’re sitting for long hours, choose a chair that has a sturdy backrest, or you can place a pillow on your back.

  1. Wear a maternity belt for support

Many women find maternity support belts help pregnancy back pain due to their extra weight gain. This is especially useful during the last stages of pregnancy to relieve back pain. Try different brands at baby stores and choose the most comfortable one. Most moms opt for thick bands that are made with breathable fabric to prevent sweating to help with severe back pain.

  1. Avoid wearing high heels

Your pregnancy is not the best time to wear stilettos and high heels. These shoes can add strain on your feet and back muscles, shifting your balance further forward and contribute to back pain. If you must add height, low, chunky heels are your best option. The best types of footwear during pregnancy are soft shoes with excellent arch support.

  1. Know how to lift properly

Bending is a problem when you’re pregnant, which will worsen over time (third trimesters) with the postural changes and pain in pregnancy. When you accidentally drop your pen or keys, avoid leaning forward at the waist because it may cause you to lose balance and fall. Instead, bend your knees, squat down, and lift upwards using your legs. This will keep you safe during pregnancy.

  1. Follow the ‘SOS’ sleeping position

Most health care professionals advise their pregnant patients to use the “SOS” position or sleep on their sides. Particularly, try sleeping on your left. This position increases the amount of blood flow to the placenta, and also keeps the pressure off your back. Keep your knees bent, and put a soft pillow between your legs for a period of time.

  1. Do light exercises

Exercising during pregnancy is proven to be effective in building stronger back muscles during pregnancy. Consult with your obstetrician if you can swim, brisk-walk, or do Pilates and yoga stretches instead to prevent back pain.

  1. Consider alternative therapy

There’s evidence that traditional Chinese therapies, such as acupuncture, make women feel much better during pregnancy. Similarly, chiropractic treatment can relieve tension on the spine and lower back muscles. Chiropractic care provides effective treatments for back pain. It also provide low pregnancy complications for lowback pain. Consult with your doctor first if you’re interested in trying these alternative treatments. Even if you get a go-signal, choose a licensed acupuncturist or Charlotte chiropractor to be on the safe side.

If you feel like your back pain is becoming worse by the day, your doctor may prescribe over-the-counter drugs that are safe for pregnant women. In rare cases, back pain during pregnancy is a symptom of an underlying condition such as preterm labor and you should call your doctor. Other complications might include increase in blood pressure and gestational diabetes, all of which should be discussed with your healthcare professional and medically reviewed.

As always, follow our chiropractic blog for the latest health tips. Our licensed massage therapists are available as a treatment option along with regular chiropractic care in our Charlotte chiropractic clinic.

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