Product Schema6 Most Common Causes of Middle Back Pain

Most people describe middle back pain as a pulling or burning sensation in one place, which is often identified as the location of strain or injury. While starting as an unpleasant feeling, it can quickly become all too painful to bear. 

middle back pain

To get the most effective treatment for your middle back pain can also be integrated as a treatment option. Stay active so you can lower your risk of experiencing lower back pain, however, you must first understand an identify what may be causing it. Going to the doctor is highly recommended, but here are some of the most common causes you need to be aware of:

Cause #1 – Poor posture

Routinely sitting for long periods, just hovering over your screen with poor posture can cause your back and neck to change structurally. Due to the sedentary lifestyle, the muscles become weak and deconditioned. From there, the spine loses support, rendering it unable to keep a neutral alignment.

When the head and shoulders are continuously hunched forward, more pressure is placed on the entire spine, which includes muscles, ligaments, and soft tissues. A person leaning on one side often—oftentimes while driving or working at a computer—also causes an imbalance that can lead to upper back pain.

This may also cause middle back pain right side or middle back pain left side.

Cause #2 – Overuse

Prolonged periods of working in an uncomfortable position, such as spending the day moving furniture around or painting a ceiling, can be detrimental to your upper back. Exerting more work than what your back is used to can cause ligament sprains, muscle strains, and even inflammation. 

Cause #3 – Improper lifting form

Closely related to overuse, lifting heavy objects without proper regard for spine support can place the upper back in undue stress. Lifting or holding a heavy object overhead, especially when on the side, will leave the upper back and shoulder susceptible to injury. This can lead to pain from a pinched nerve.

Cause #4 – An accident or collision

Any form of trauma—be it a fall from certain heights, vehicular accidents, or sports contact collisions—can leave the upper back in pain. Injuries on the spinal discs, bones, muscles, nerves, soft tissues, and ligaments are also highly likely. This can result in a reduction of cervical lordosis.

Cause #5 – Osteoporosis

Unlike injuries or strains, Osteoporosis is a bone condition. This is difficult to diagnose, as you only learn you’re suffering from it upon a spinal fracture. It can gradually weaken your bones, which makes them delicate. Sufferers find themselves more vulnerable to fractures and less able to support their weight.

Your upper back pain may be due to osteoporosis, especially when you’re aging. You’ll also experience a rounded back development, which is a form of poor posture—this leads to even more upper back pain.

Cause #6 – Scoliosis

Like Osteoporosis, Scoliosis is another bone condition. This one, however, is unique to the spin. It causes an unusual curvature of the spin, making it look like either an “S” or “C’ when viewed from behind. If your spine curves, your upper back is affected. The spine’s natural curve, you will eventually experience discomfort and back pain over time.

The spine is designed to carry your weight without pain will likely be due to Scoliosis, as the curve affects all your spinal nerves, soft tissues, and muscles. 


Pain in middle of back is always unpleasant to deal with, as it’s a condition that affects not only your state of comfort but also your daily routine. If left untreated, even more pain can ensue. Muscle pain can quickly spread from one area to another, as your bones and muscles put pressure on one another.

Upper back pain may also be a sign of underlying conditions such as injuries, Osteoporosis, and Scoliosis—seeking the help of a professional should be done immediately.

One form of rehabilitation can be chiropractic treatment, which provides relief for spines. If you’re dealing with upper back pain, Tebby Clinic offers the best chiropractors in Charlotte, NC. Get mid back pain relief—reach out to us today!

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